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The lip 187 12 52 watch is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush Remove cap to reveal Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush. Swipe Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush over lip stain or gloss and smooth over lips. The straight edge on Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush can be used to line the lips for added definition. When not using Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush cover with the cap to protect the bristles. Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush features soft, cruelty-free bristles, a recycled aluminum case, and a reusable snap top pouch. Take the EcoTools Challenge! It's simple. Try one of these eco-beauty tips everyday to jump start your green beauty routine! Time to rehydrate! Cleanse your body and purify your skin by drinking 8 oz. of H2O per day. Try carrying a reusable water bottle wherever you go. Indulge with your favorite at-home spa treatments! Eco Tools recommends restoring your hands by applying lotion and moisture gloves prior to bed. Cultivate calm. Clear your mind, breathe deep and meditate to gain focus and peace. To rest easy at night, try a sustainable sleep mask. A day of sun and sand can do a number on your skin! Try using natural body butter for moisture rejuvenation! Are you looking at what's in your beauty products? Be mindful of items with parabens and phthalates! Pedi-Please exfoliate your feet the all-natural way. Try the EcoPumice Smoothing Stone. Plant a Kiss. Give a hug. It increases serotonin, making you happy. Hot pink lips are HOT, and a great contrast with a bronze. Keep your skin glowing the healthy way, with gold shimmering bronzer. Take time to visit your favorite local outdoor spot. Really take time relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. Remove oils, dirt and makeup gently to help nourish your skin. Show off your best look with healthy glowing skin today! Time fora little pampering. Try a DIY pedicure, just soak, exfoliate, moisturize and paint! Have confidence in looking flawless on-the-go! Store the Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush in your purse for quick touch ups! Take a break.
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Size: 0.20 oz (5.6 g) RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm uses organic, natural ingredients to support natural skin functions for visibly healthier, smoother skin. Use regularly to heal, protect and hydrate skin while softening fine lines. Available in two scents. Directions: Massage over any part of the skin, particularly the lips, underneath the eyes, any laugh lines and cuticles to nourish, hydrate and soften skin. Can also be used around the eye area at nighttime. TIA Review by Lauren: Like so many women, I'm a confessed lip balm addict. When given the opportunity to test RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa, I was intrigued at the idea of a multi-tasking lip balm that claims to be used to hydrate cuticles, soften laugh lines and be applied as an evening eye rejuvenation treatment. A lip balm that has anti-aging properties that could also make my manicure look better? I'm obviously in. My first impression of the RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa was the wonderful scent. It seriously smells chocolate (something else I'm addicted to). Unfortunately when applied to your lips it doesn't taste like chocolate, it rather has no taste at all, but goes on smooth and leaves a very subtle glossy shine on your lips. Once the gloss fades, your lips are left feeling soft and hydrated. I would only feel the need to reapply ever few hours or so. RMS Beauty was founded by Rose-Marie Swift, a prominent make-up artist whose portfolio views like a who's who of Hollywood and the fashion industry. She created the company after experiencing some health issues she later linked to over-exposure to the cosmetic products she was working with daily. Rose-Marie decided every woman had the right to healthy beauty and formulated her own line of organic color cosmetics. The ingredients of RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm has a usual list of certified organic softeners including coconut oil, shea butter fruit, jojoba seed oil, argan oil and cocoa seed butter, so I could see how it could also be used to moisturize the skin. Due to its glossy nature, I had to apply it to my cuticles, fine laugh lines and around my eye at night before bed. I found that even though it sat more on the skin instead of fully absorbing and seemed a little greasy, my cuticles did look more nourished and my eye area seemed softer when I would wake the next morning. An area I did not see a change in after weeks of use was any difference in my fine, 20-something year old, laugh lines (but that's possibly due to also being addicted to laughing as well). One ingredient the Lip & Skin Balm contained though that I wasn't familiar with was centella asiatica extract or gotu kola. After researching some accredited health websites I learned that gotu kola is an herb found in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. When ingested, the herb can be used to treat various ailments. When applied to the skin, it is primarily used for wound healing, reducing scars and a treatment for pregnancy stretch marks. There was also an word of caution for those who have liver disease or may be pregnant or breast-feeding when using this herb on their skin. Without knowing the safe level of exposure, or how much gotu kola is found in this RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm, it may be safer for new mommies and those with liver problems to avoid this product. Overall, I really liked RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm and would use it primarily for my lips. The packaging I felt worked more function over fashion in that after a few weeks of travel in a handbag the glass pot started to look very weathered and chipped. However the design of the pot made it very easy to access all of the product from the container down to the last drop, which I did, and plan on doing again once I get my hands on some more. A great natural lip product. Got Questions? Contact Us
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