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Molds & Specialty Bakeware - The Lodge pizza pan produces a golden crust every time. It is also great for roasted vegetables, pork chops, chicken and beef. Recipes included. Oven safe. Handwash only. 10 lbs. 14“ Dia. The value of cast-iron is unsurpassed and the cooking performance is legendary. Many great American chefs put cast iron on the list of ten most essential tools in their kitchen. Lodge is electrostatically coated with a proprietary vegetable oil and cured at high temperatures to allow the oil to deeply penetrate the surface of the cast iron. The marriage of quality metal, molds and the Lodge finish produces the very best cast iron cookware. Made in the USA - Caring for your Lodge Cast Iron • Properly cared for, your Lodge cast-iron cookware will last for more than a lifetime. • After cooking, clean the cookware with hot water and a stiff brush. Never use a harsh detergent, as it can remove the seasoning. Towel dry thoroughly. • While the cookware is dry, but still warm from the hot water bath, wipe a light coat of vegetable oil or cooking spray on all surfaces. • Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store lids on the pot or pan in order to allow air circulation. • If you notice a metallic taste of see signs of rust, simply scour off the rust, wash the cookware with soap and hot water, dry thoroughly and re-season using the home seasoning instructions. Home Seasoning Instructions • Seasoning is the process of applying a thin coat of cooking oil to the entire surface of the cookware, then baking the oil onto the cookware creating a natural nonstick finish. • Step 1: Preheat your oven to 350 F. • Step 2: Wash the cookware (inside and out) with
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