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Magnificent Seven Complete Series Gift Set includes: Season One - Seven Men. One Destiny. Michael Biehn (The Terminator), Ron Perlman (Hellboy), and Eric Close (TV's Without A Trace) continue the saga made famous by John Sturges' classic 1960 film The Magnificent Seven in Season 1 of this action-packed television series. Learning from each other and forming their own code of ethics, The Magnificent Seven vow to defeat the outlaws of the West and gain the respect of the common folk. The seven men include their embittered leader, a former gun-for-hire seeking redemption; a sharpshooter and bounty hunter; a former slave who becomes a healer; a young and cocky Eastern-bred idealist; a smooth-talking con-artist; a womanizing gunslinger; and a former priest turned eccentric prophet. With each episode, their legend grows through their heroic tales of friendship, loyalty and justice. Season Two - In a time of outlaws, seven young heroes, each with unique talents and abilities, band together to help tame the wild west and protect the citizens of a small frontier town from lawlessness, vigilantism, corruption and injustice. The Magnificent Seven are back, riding, shooting, loving and fighting as only they can! Season 2 is full of action, passion and some startling revelations, including the series' stunning final episode in which Chris comes face-to-face with his wife's killer. Saddle up for western style adventure and excitement and hang on for the wildest ride of your life. Subtitles: English (Closed Captioned).
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The Magnificent Seven Collection includes: The Magnificent Seven - Spectacular gun battles, epic-sized heroes and an all-star cast that includes Academy Award winners Yul Brynner and James Coburn, together with Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach and Charles Bronson, make The Magnificent Seven a legend among westerns. Spawning three sequels and a successful television series, and featuring Elmer Bernstein's Oscar nominated score, this stunning remake of The Seven Samurai is a hard-pounding adventure (Newsweek) and an enduringly popular (Leonard Maltin) cinematic classic. Merciless Calvera (Wallach) and his band of ruthless outlaws are terrorizing a poor Mexican village, and even the bravest lawmen can't stop them. Desperate, the locals hire Chris Adams (Brynner) and six other gunfighters to defend them. With time running out before Calvera's next raid. The heroic seven must prepare the villagers for battle and help them find the courage to take back their town...or die trying! Return Of The Magnificent Seven - The legendary Magnificent Seven thunder through Mexico and make cinematic history - again! Starring Academy Award-winner Yul Brynner and a stellar supporting cast that includes Robert Fuller, Warren Oates and Claude Akins, Return Of The Magnificent Seven features Elmer Bernstein's Oscar-nominated score and raises the bar for rugged western adventure to a new, heart-stopping level! It's been six years since Chico (Julian Mateos) rode with Chris Adams (Brynner) and his band of gunslingers. It was then that he married the beautiful Petra (Elisa Montes) and promised to lay down his weapons forever. But when the cruel outlaw Lorca (Emilio Fernandez) begins to terrorize his village, Chico, Chris and five new brave gunmen must ride again. Now, with the odds against them, the heroic seven emerge with guns blazing to face the shoot-out of their lives...and what may be their final battle! Guns Of The Magnificent Seven - The Magnificent Seven ride again in this fast-moving follow-up (Variety) to one of the greatest western sagas in film history. Academy Award winner George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke) and James Whitmore (The Shawshank Redemption) take the reins for a bold, sweeping adventure that delivers nonstop excitement! When notorious desperado Chris Adams (Kennedy) is offered a huge reward to free a young Mexican revolutionary from prison, he must first assemble a cutthroat team of frontier warriors. Together, these daring gunslingers embark on the adventure of their lives - and discover a cause worth more than a fortune in gold. The Magnificent Seven Ride! - One town without hope is about to meet seven men without fear! Lee Van Cleef takes on the role of the legendary Chris Adams in this thrilling, action-packed finale of the hard-hitting western film series! Married and on the side of the law, Marshal Adams (Van Cleef) has settled in Arizona Territory. When his wife (Mariette Hartley) is killed, Chris tracks down the gunmen and administers swift justice, but then discovers that a nearby border town is under attack. A ruthless horde of marauders have killed all the men and will come back for the women - unless Chris and his bold recruits can stop them. Outnumbered, but with a steely resolve and an arsenal of firepower, the gunfighters saddle up for the fight of their lives!. .
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