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Flip's Twisted World (Nintendo Wii, 2010)

Developers at Ontario's Frozen North Productions turn 3D platform gaming on its head with their debut console release, Flip's Twisted World. The entire game world is designed to be flipped and twisted around, as players shift their perspectives to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. The play of the game combines the run-and-jump action and cartoonish presentation of classic 3D platformers, such as Crash Bandicoot or Super Mario Sunshine, with the perspective-shifting puzzle-solving concepts of Valve Software's Portal. As the story begins, young Flip is in training, under the wise Master Fulcrum, keeper of many powerful and arcane artifacts. Although of a good heart and kind soul, curiosity gets the best of Flip, in a classic "Magicians Apprentice" scenario. When he accidentally plays around with the wrong device, he is spirited away to a topsy-turvy world of blocks and cubes, where concepts such as up, down, left, and right are purely a matter of perspective. Now Flip must use his ability to turn ceilings and pitfalls into floors and corridors, in order to navigate through a series of challenging levels and return to his own world. As he progresses through the game's stages, Flip acquires new tools and abilities that allow him to take on even greater challenges.

Flip's Twisted World (Nintendo Wii, 2010)

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Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2010
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Nintendo Wii