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Marin for dogs is a combination of silybin and vitamin E. It is available as a single strength.Silybin is the most biologically active component of an extract known as silymarin. Silymarin/silypin has been shown to have beneficial effects on liver function. Vitamin E, a membraneassociated antioxidant, helps protect the liver against oxidant injury.The combination of silybin, vitamin E, and zinc in Marin for Dogs provides a multifaceted approach to liver support.Silybin/silymarin has many different mechanisms of action. Invitro and invivo studies have shown that it protects agains oxidative stress; promotes protein synthesis within hepatocytes, a mechanism for liver cell regeneration; inhibits leukotriene production, which can be beneficial as production of leukotrienes is a component of the inflammatory response; stimulates biliary flow and production of hepatoprotecive bile salts (e.g. betamuricholate and ursodexycholate) and increases levels of glutathione.In a study, silybin was shown to be protective in acute Amanita phalloides mushroom poisoning in dogs, where onethird of the control dogs died, while all dogs in the silybingroup lived. Silybingroup dogs also had lower bilirubin, AST, ALT, and ALP levels and improved prothrombin times compared to control dogs. In another report, the liver enzymes improved in five out of six dogs with 30 days of silymarin administration.Vitamin E, a memberateassociated antioxidant, benefits liver function because oxidant damanage to hepatocytes can affect liver health. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the oxidative damage to the hepatocyte mitochondrial membranes caused by hydrophobic bile salts (these bile salts build up in the liver when bile flow is impaired) Vitamin E use has been reported in dogs for its antioxidant role that also help to support hepatic health.Administration Marin for Dogs is formulated in a tasty chewable tablet that may be given as a treat or crumbled over the food. Tablets are scored
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