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The marineland penguin bio wheel power filter 150 power filter for aquariums up to 30 gallons is sold out or discontinued. We found 103 related products.
Marineland LED Double Bright Aquarium Lighting System -- Aquarium Light Fixture & Aquarium LED Light BarCreate a dazzling underwater scene with the Marineland LED Double Bright Aquarium Lighting System. The aquarium light fixture is powered by energy efficient LEDs that provide a higher light output than fluorescent bulb lighting. The resulting light creates an excellent day and night aquatic experience for your plants and aquatic pets.The Marineland LED Double Bright Aquarium Lighting System has a slim, stylized lighting profile. The powerful light from this aquarium LED light bar mimics the underwater shimmer effect of natural sunlight. You'll be amazed at all the lush colors and highlights in your aquarium.You'll love the way your aquarium looks under the lights of the Marineland LED Double Bright Aquarium Lighting System. The aquarium light fixture provides day, night and off settings, so you can make sure your aquarium looks its best at every hour of the day. The nighttime setting of the aquarium LED light bar bathes the aquarium in a soft blue light that will provide a soothing visual experience.This aquarium LED light bar not only makes your aquarium shine, it may also lower your energy usage. LED lights are energy efficient and could help you shrink your home's environmental footprint. This aquarium light fixture can last up to 17,000 hours, meaning that you will likely never need to change a bulb. The LED setup is completely non-toxic and promotes a safe environment for all of your underwater pets and plants.This Marineland lighting system is also built for easy and flexible mounting and comes in different sizes to fit a variety of aquariums. Display your aquarium at its best with this innovative, long-lasting and energy efficient lighting system from Marineland.
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Marineland Single Bright LED Lighting System lets you enjoy the costsaving benefits of LED lighting on your freshwater aquarium. Marineland Single Bright LED Lighting System brings this highlyanticipated technology to freshwater hobbyists at a great price. An energyefficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixture uses less energy while having the same light output as a single fluorescent lamp light fixture. Outstanding 17,000 lifetime hours mean years of reliable use without the additional cost of constantly replacing aquarium bulbs. This LED System works best in freshwater aquariums and as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums. Beautiful aquarium LEDs illuminate aquarium interior with clean, crisp light and create breathtaking shimmering light effects that simulate sunlight dancing underwater. Manually transition from white daylight LEDs to blue lunar LEDs for a nighttime mode that replicates wonderful moonlit conditions. Sleek, ultrathin Marineland Single Bright LED Lighting System measures just 1/2 thick and features a threemode ON/OFF switch (Daytime, Lunar and OFF positions), single lowvoltage power cord and adjustable mounting legs that accommodate a variety of aquarium sizes. Each LED is 0.06 watts. Energyefficient LED light fixture for freshwater aquariums Brilliant LEDs equivalent to single fluorescent aquarium lamp Enjoy stylish daylight and dawn/dusk aquarium light conditions Model # of White 6000K Daylight LED's # of Blue 460nm Lunar LED's Lumens Lamp Only Length Lamp Legs Length 1824 51 3 300 16.75 x 5.25 x 0.5 18.75 x 5.25 x 1.75 2436 68 4 400 23.5 x 5.25 x 0.5 24.5 x 5.25 x 1.75 3648 102 6 600 34.75 x 5.25 x 0.5 36.5 x 5.25 x 1.75 4860 135 9 800 46.75 x 5.25 x 0.5 48.5 x 5.25 x 1.75
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