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The marshall v r104dp 2c 10.4 in. in dash monitor is sold out or discontinued. We found 285 related products.
Guitar Amps - Though the 50 Watt 1987XL shares the same front and rear panel features as its big brother, the 1959 SLP, it does have its own distinct personality. Sweet warm singing sounds are packed into every nook and cranny of this great tone machine.Marshall 1987XL Features:Part of the Marshall Vintage collectionMix two channels together at once for a totally unique soundNew series effects loop featureVintage Marshall through and throughMarxhall Vintage SeriesThe main characteristic that these amps share is their simplicity of operation and superb natural valve tone. Achieving the beautifully organic and vibrant overdrive which is their trademark, can only be done in one way - crank 'em up! The result is pure, majestic tone uncluttered by unnecessary circuitry. With solos this produces a big, round, warm, sustain, full of classic character. With chord work you get a bark and percussive attack with a natural sounding break up, which allows each note to ring out in a glorious musical crunch. Unique SoundsWith the Marshall 1987XL, you can mix the two channels together by connecting a short, screened patch lead between the second input of Channel 1 and the first input of Channel 2. If you then plug your guitar into the first input of Channel 1, you can mix the different tonal characters of each channel for greater flexibility!Uncompromised Tone - Even Through the Effects LoopThe Series Effects Loop features a true bypass switch that takes the loop completely out of the circuit, thus ensuring the original tone isn't compromised. The Level Switch allows you match the loop to either stompboxes or rack units.Vintage Marshall AppointmentsAs is the case with the 1959SLP, the 1987X has fittings and hardware as true to the originals as humanly possible, thus ensuring that authentic Marshall 'Vintage' look.Marshall 1987XL Features:Output: 50-WattPreamp Valves: 3 x ECC83Power Amp Valves: 2 x EL343-band EQPresenceDimensions: 26 x 10.2 x 8Weight: 34lbA faithful reproduction of the original, which shaped the sound of the electric guitar as we know it! Guitar Amp Heads
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Guitar Amps - The Marshall MG101CFX guitar amplifier combo gives you four storable channels of fantastic Marshall tone and plenty of power for the stage! The 100-watt MG101CFX 1 x 12 combo includes four switchable channels and a 3-band EQ. It also features a 2-button footswitch, power amp damping, a switchable effects loop, and a line-in for music players. This amp is excellent at emulating the response and sound of a tube amp, and it works great for your live and studio applications alike. Speaker-emulating headphone and line outputs are built right into the MG101CFX combo.Marshall MG101CFX 100W Guitar Amp combo with Effects and Reverb at a Glance:Simple panel layout for easy tweaksKiller tonesTake advantage of incredible effectsFrom the music store to stages everywhereSimple panel layout for easy tweaksThe MG101CFX features a tried-and-true panel layout that's amazingly easy to use. Gain, 3-band EQ, volume, and master volume are laid out for quick access. Push-button channel switching allows for smooth, uninterrupted transitions. Combining true analog tone circuitry and Marshall's proprietary FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping) technology, these amps provide that authentic Marshall sound and feel. This damping technology emulates the dynamic interaction between an amp and its speaker, giving you feel and tone characteristics you'd normally only find in far more expensive tube amps. The combination line-out/headphone-out features speaker-cabinet emulation, giving you full Marshall sound when recording or practicing through combophones. A line input allows you to play along with MP3 and CD players.Killer tonesYou have a choice of four different channels in the Marshall MG101CFX. You can choose from clean, crunch, OD1, and the high-gain OD2. These four programmable channels give you a huge tonal range, from pretty and clean to mean and scream. Mix them with the speaker-damping function and digital effects to create the killer tone rigs you have always wanted. The new silver faceplate and carbon-fiber-looking vinyl give the MG101CFX a definite rock 'n roll attitude.Take advantage of incredible effectsThis amp includes great-sounding reverb and digital effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, octave+, and reverse delay). In fact, you can use up to three effects simultaneously. The delay time can be manually set by using the front-panel Tap button. Settings for each channel can be customized and saved for instant recall. In addition, the MG101CFX features a switchable effects loop for adding a favorite external effect to the sound. This model also includes a 2-button footswitch as standard equipment.From the music store to stages everywhereJim Marshall didn't start out building great amps. In fact, his entry into the amp world came about in part because the drummers that visited his music shop for equipment and lessons often brought along their guitar players. Conversations about their amplification needs led to the birth of a line of amps that would eventually change the sound of music. From those first humble creations to Pete Townshend's first monster full stacks, from the mid-'60s combos to Hendrix to backlines of multiple Marshall rigs, one thing has remained constant: Marshall's commitment to the best tone and performance possible.Marshall MG101CFX 100W Guitar Amp Combo with Effects and Reverb Features:Output: 100 watts RMS1 x 12 speakerChannels: Four, storableDigital effects, digital reverbLine-in for MP3 and other music playersHeadphone-out/line-out with speaker emulationExternal effects loopPower-amp damping2-button footswitch included.The Marshall MG101CFX guitar combo amp puts 100 watts of amazing Marshall sound - plus effects and footswitchable control - into a handy combo! Guitar Combo Amps
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