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The marshall vr102dphd 10 inch lcd monitor is sold out or discontinued. We found 54 related products.
Guitar Amps - The Marshall MG412A angled extension cabinet is a 120-watt, 4 x 12 powerhouse with a Carbon Tolex look that perfectly matches Marshall's MG-series of guitar amplifiers. But no matter what amp you play, the Celestion-loaded MG412A extension cabinet is a rockin' speaker cab for any guitar rig. If you want to push some serious air, with the tone and power Marshall is known for, add the Marshall MG412A extension cabinet to your rig.Marshall MG412A Angled Extension Cabinet at a Glance:Marshall qualitySound of CelestionAll-around cabinetMarshall quality:Most guitarists just need to see the Marshall name on the cabinet to know they're working with a quality piece of gear. The Marshall MG412A extension cabinet is built with the same attention to detail that earned Marshall the reputation as one of the finest amp makers in the business. From the roadworthy construction to the heavy duty Carbon Tolex covering, your MG412A is ready for some serious gigging.Sound of Celestion:The Celestion name goes hand in hand with the history of great guitar tone. The Marshall MG412A extension cabinet is loaded with four Celestion 12 speakers for that classic Marshall sound. All-around cabinet:Rated for 120-watts at 8 ohms, the Marshall MG412A is an ideal extension cabinet for virtually any guitar rig with a suitable amp. The MG412A is designed to match with the MG-series of guitar amplifiers, but you'll love how it sounds paired with almost any guitar amplifier.Marshall MG412A Angled Extension Cabinet Features:High-powered extension cab with premium speakers for a great value in a speaker cabinetBuilt to Marshall's exacting standardsCarbon Tolex covering for added durability4 x 12 Celestion speakers for classic tone and reliability120W, 8 Ohm design makes it easy to pair with almost any amplifierPush your tone to the max with the Marshall MG412A extension cabinet! Guitar Amp Cabinets
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Guitar Amps - Looking for big Marshall tone in a smaller sized cabinet? The Marshall 1912 guitar speaker cabinet is a smaller 1 x 12-inch cabinet with huge sound. The compact, 150-watt Marshall 1912 is the perfect extension cabinet for combos and amp heads. Smooth ABS plastic corners offer excellent protection for your 1912's corners, and Marshall's highest quality woodwork includes the 'finger locking' of each and every joint. Want an easily portable rig? The 1912 is the solution.Marshall 1912 Guitar Speaker Cabinet at a Glance:The perfect addition to your ampSonically speaking, nothing compares to a Marshall ampRugged and ready for the roadSmaller in Size OnlyThe Marshall 1912 is a wonderful addition to your rig when all you need is a single 12-inch speaker! While fully able to handle a full-sized head, the Marshall 1912 can also be used to extend the sound of a Marshall combo amp. Due to its size and mobility, it's seen in clubs, practice halls, and mid-sized tours everywhere. When you need that Marshall sound, but don't need a 4x12 cab, the Marshall 1912 is perfect!Sonically SuperiorThe only choice for serious musicians. Nothing compares to Marshall cabinets in terms of awesome tone and projection. Both visually and aurally, Marshall 4x12 (and, in this case, 1x12) cabs are indeed rock 'n' roll history in a stack!Ready For Your Gig - Wherever That Might Be!Roadworthiness is a vital prerequisite in the world of relentless touring and as Marshall's 40 years of cabinet building attests, Marshall cabinets are definitely built to stand the test of time! Their highly skilled craftsmen construct these 1 x 12-inch cabs from the finest materials available - 15mm birch plywood with precision 'finger locked' (comb) joints, tough cotton backed PVC covering, heavy duty hardware, and the highest quality fittings.Marshall 1912 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Features:1 x 12-inch cabinetSpeaker: Celestion G12B-1501 X 12-inch150-watt8 OhmBlack grille cloth, white pipingLarge white logoBlack elephant grain vinylMarshall offers a wide range of cabinets that are not only perfect for your needs... they will also last you a lifetime. Guitar Amp Cabinets
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