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Medela Swing Breast Pumps

Swing is a small lightweight and compact personal use, single electric breastpump featuring 2-Phase Expression technology. It's so compact and lightweight it easily fits into a purse or briefcase. It features easy to use power and vacuum controls plus the exclusive "let-down" button for more efficient pumping. In Swing, the combination of stimulation and expression phases, found only in 2-Phase Expression, is proven to achieve faster milk ejection, faster milk flow, and designed to get more milk in less time. Swing has been designed for mobility. It can be used on a tabletop, on a belt with the convenient belt clip or around a shoulder or neck with the included strap. Swing is comfortable, with its massaging SoftFit breastshield. It is designed for convenience as it fits easily into a purse or briefcase. Swing's adjustable speed and vacuum make it efficient and comfortable.

Medela Swing Breast Pumps

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Product Reviews

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pros: ease of transport easy to use plug and pump

cons: flooding the tubing would cause malfunction and require troubleshooting

love Medela

I pumped for 18 months so I may have abused it as I pumped in the beginning every hour to every 2, 3... See Full Review



pros: The speed and suction are great. It is very convenient you can take it anywhere.

cons: It does make a little noise at first.

Medela Swing Breast Pump A Lifesaver!

This is an amazing pump, now I see why the hospital uses Medela. We had latching issues in the... See Full Review



pros: It is comfortable and easy to clean and lasts along time.

cons: It is slightly loud when using but you get used to it.

Medela Swing Breast Pump

This is a great product to have if you are a nursing mother. I just had my second child and have use... See Full Review



pros: Easy to use, pumps milk as well as your baby can!

cons: Somewhat costly

Medela Breat Pump- Used By Hospitals Most!

The Medela Swing Breast Pump is the most efficient breast pump that I have ever seen. I have a 16 mo... See Full Review

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Brand Medela
Type Nursing and Feeding
Nursing and Feeding Type Breast Pumps