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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Sony PSP, 2005)

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Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Review

I've had a game named Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition for a year now, and I think it's the best game in... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, Customizing, Music Soundtrack

cons: Load Times, Blurrying, Controls, Each vehicle is the same

Racing in San Diego By Rockstar Games

As most gamers are aware, Rockstar Games are the geniuses behind the Grand Theft Auto Series and Bul... See Full Review



pros: The game has cars, trucks and motorbikes. The music is awesome.

cons: In order to win you must be in first place. Only three levels.

A challenging racing game

My experience with this game is that it is very entertaining and full of challenges. In addition, it... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, Sounds, Number of Street Races, Areas, Controls, Number of Cars

cons: Some Really Difficult Races

Start Your Engines Ladies and Gents

Personally I have not bought a racing game since Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, but when I s... See Full Review



pros: Good Graphics and effects.

cons: Loading process takes too long.

Get your engine's ready for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for PSP

The racing game for the PSP, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has its engine already started. In this fa... See Full Review



pros: Best looking game for the PSP so far, excellent soundtrack

cons: incredibly long (1+ minute) load times

Midnight Club 3 Review: Looks great but 1 minute load times!!

Finally, a PSP game that is living up to all my expectations. If this is any indication of what the... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2005
Key Features
Rating E10+
Genre Racing
Platform Sony PSP
Other Features
Brand Rockstar Games