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The mighty toy safari ellie is sold out or discontinued. We found 236 related products.
Mighty Mule FM136 Wireless Intercom w/ Digital Keypad w/ Intercom - The Mighty Mule FM136 Wireless Intercom/Keypad is a versatile intercom system that allows for clear communication between a driver requesting entrance to the property and a person inside of the property. The Mighty Mule FM136 allows the user to grant or deny access and to open the gate from inside of the house. The system is ideal for any residential application and it alerts you to the identity of visitors from the safety of your home. The intercom provides superior range with crystal clear two-way communication up to 500 Ft. wireless or up to 1000 Ft. direct wired. Comes with outdoor call/keypad unit that can be programmed with up to 25 entry codes for keypad access. The Mighty Mule FM136 also comes with an indoor base unit that is mobile and can be used anywhere in your home just like a cordless phone. Rechargeable batteries allow for operation even during power outages The wireless intercom/keypad makes it easy for a homeowner on the inside of the property to safeguard their property by granting visitors access to open the automatic gate only after they have spoken with each other through the intercom The indoor base unit allows the property owner to speak with the person at the gate and then they can choose to accept or deny access through the gate with the touch of a button The standalone keypad accepts up to 25 entry codes and is very easy to program For wireless setup the intercom must be within 500 Feet of the gate opener's control box For wired installations the intercom must be within 1000 Ft. of the gate opener's control box Provides increased surveillance and allows homeowners to screen visitors and solicitors safely from inside their home
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