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The mighty toy safari ellie is sold out or discontinued. We found 355 related products.
Mighty Leaf Tea - Herbal Infusion Artisan Whole Leaf Pouches Variety - 15 Tea Bags Mighty Leaf Tea Variety Herbal Infusion Artisan Whole Leaf Pouches is the perfect introduction to a variety of Mighty Leaf's signature herbal tea blends. Soothe and refresh with five of their caffeine free artisan crafted herbal infusions. Enjoy loose leaf tea in their convenient silken tea pouch, their gourmet teabag twist. Includes the following: Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar, Rainforest Mate (Mate contains caffeine), Ginger Twist and Organic Mint Melange. The box contains 15 individually cello wrapped biodegradable Tea Pouches. About Herbal TeaHerbal teas, also known as tisanes or herbal infusions, are a caffeine free blend of natural herbs, fruits, flowers and spices. Mighty Leaf's biodegradable silken herbal tea pouches deliver an unsurpassed flavor experience. Magic of the Mighty LeafSince ancient times, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves has been revered as the richest in character. Today Mighty Leaf proudly continues the tradition. Discover the magic of the Mighty Leaf. Mighty Leaf's Artisan Whole Leaf PouchesMighty Leaf's handcrafted silken pouches are packed with their artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags. Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be. In ancient traditions around the world, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves is revered as the richest in character. Inspired by this legacy, Mighty Leaf specially created the silken Tea Pouch filled with the world's finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavor too big for ordinary tea bags. Discover why the Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch is extraordinary and unrivalled. The Art of BlendingCreating signature whole leaf tea blends that delight the senses is both an art and science.
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The Mighty Mule Silver HD - Upgrade Kit from Mighty Mule FM500 Single Gate Opener America's #1 Do-It-Yourself Gate Opener, has NEW commercial features rarely found in a do-it-yourself gate opening kit. This heavy duty, commercial grade unit that is very easy to install. It has upgraded commercial features such as soft start and soft stop that will extend the life of your gate hardware and gate opener.   Upgrade Kit Includes: Operator arm with 6 ft. power cable Control box (2) Entry transmitters 12 Volt transformer (2) Batteries Receiver with 10 ft. cable Pin lock with two keys Mounting brackets/installation hardware Bracket hardware Instruction manual Installation video Customer support card Warning signs (two) The Mighty Mule Silver-HD Single can handle gates up to 850 lbs (~385 kg) or 18 ft (~5.5m). The Silver Series Kits is an upgraded kit from the Mighty Mule FM500 and comes ready to install with extra accessories normally not included in operator purchases. The Silver Anniversary Series Operator Kits are available exclusively for Professional GTO / Mighty Mule Distributors / Dealers. The New boxed kit includes extra items you would normally have to pay additional charges for. GTO offers these kits as an alternative to their top-of-the-line GTO/PRO Operators for budget-minded consumers that want value at a discounted price. Features: Designed for gates up to 18 ft long or 850 lbs Large control box with room for extra battery and accessories AC or Solar powered to meet the needs of 100% of the market Professional GRADE Soft Start / Soft Stop feature increases life of hardware and opener Designed for gates that open into or out from the property. 12-volt battery backup (included) opens and closes the gate even during power outage. 18 month Limited Warranty DRIVE • Low friction screw drive (linear actuator) rated for -5 ºF to +160 ºF (-20 ºC to +71 ºC). Use of heater bands on arm and control box will enhance performance in extreme cold temperatures. • Powered by a 12 V motor with integral case hardened steel gear reducer. Motor speed reduced to 260 rpm. Generates 680 ft. lb. of torque at 12 V. • Maximum opening arc of 110º. Approximate opening time (90º): 20 seconds, depending on weight of gate. POWER • The system is powered by a 12 Vdc, 7.0 Ah, sealed, rechargeable acid battery. • Battery charge is maintained by a 120 Vac, 18 Vac output transformer rectified to 14.5 Vdc (40 VA) through the GTO control board. Blade-style control board fuse is rated for 15 A. NOTE: The transformer should not be directly connected to any battery. Do not replace fuses with higher ampere rated fuses; doing so will void your warranty and may damage your control board. • OPTIONAL: Battery charge is maintained by GTO Solar Panel Charger: float voltage of 14.5 Vdc output from a 10-7/8” x 10-1/2”solar panel. Generates minimum of 5 W at 300 mA. A gated diode on the control board prevents battery discharge. CONTROL • GTO microprocessor-based control board is set for single leaf, pull-to-open gate installations. DIP switches can be adjusted to accommodate an optional kit for push-to-open gates (see Accessory Catalog). • Control board has temperature compensated circuits. • A circuit on the control board regulates charging. “Sleep draw” is 25 mA; “active draw” is 2 to 5 A. • Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code. • GTO remote-mounted RF receiver tuned to 318 MHz. • Operator length with push-pull tube fully retracted is 40-1/4” mounting point to mounting point. Max stroke 22”. • Adjustable auto-close timer (15 to 120 s), and obstruction sensitivity. • Power terminal block accommodates a transformer or solar panels. NOTE: Do not use solar panel and transformer at the same time. • DIP switches simplify setup of gate operator. • Accessory terminal block fully compatible with push button controls, digital keypads,
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