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The model power power power station built up ho scale is sold out or discontinued. We found 1290 related products.
Dragon Models 1/6 M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun The USA introduced the M3 gun in 1940 as the country's first dedicated antitank cannon. Small in size, it could be towed by a Jeep, although major advances in armor protection on the part of German armored fighting vehicles essentially rendered the M3 obsolete in the European theater. Nevertheless, in addition to European, North African and Mediterranean use, the M3 37mm cannon built by Watervliet Arsenal served through to the end of the war in the Pacific. It was usually mounted on a towed gun carriage made by Rock Island Arsenal. As well as the antitank role, it could be used for infantry support and anti-personnel duties. In all a total of 18,702 M3 guns were produced up till 1943. They were used by the US Army and USMC, while some ended up in service as far afield as China. As part of its highly detailed weapon series, Dragon has now produced a 1/6 scale version of the American M3 antitank gun mounted on the regular M4 carriage. In this model kit, the split-trail gun carriage can be displayed in either travel or combat modes. Furthermore, it mimics the original in that the gun can traverse and elevate according to the modeler's wishes. The vertical-block breech can also be displayed open or closed. The kit is convenient to assemble, but all the intricate detail of the original M3 gun is retained, from the tip of the gun muzzle through to the pneumatic tires. As occurred in reality, the M3 37mm antitank gun can be hitched up to Dragon's recently released 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck for towing around the battlefield. Following on from other recently released American 1/6 weapons, this M3 37mm gun offers modelers a larger weapon that will make an impressive centerpiece by itself, or in combination with appropriate figures and other American equipment.
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