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Munchkin Healthflow Hot Safety Spoons 4 Pack 4 Per Package (735E11)

Munchkin Healthflow Hot Safety Spoons 4 Pack 4 Per Package (735E11)


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pros: Shallow bowl, tapered bowl, soft tip, safety color change

cons: Stains

~~ Munchkin Safety Spoons ~~

When Baby Grace was ready for solids, I went out and purchased the Munchkin Safety Spoons. The... See Full Review



pros: Temperature indictor,soft and durable

cons: Those spoons are only for infants, not for toddlers

Now you don't have to try your baby's food to see if it's hot!!

I received Munchkin Safety spoons as a baby shower gift. They looked cute but for the first 5 month... See Full Review



pros: Stainless steel handle. Soft bowl for sensitive gums. White hot safety feature.

cons: Stains easily.

Munchkin Spoons: The Only Baby Spoons I Need

When my oldest was going to start eating solids for the first time, I needed to go out any buy him s... See Full Review



pros: Spoon changes color with temp of food, rubber tipped, good size

cons: Rubber gets stained with orange veggies!

Munchkin White Hot Basic Spoon: Munchkin wins over Gerber this time!

The Munchkin White Hot Spoon is your basic infant feeding spoon (small spoon bowl, rubber tip... See Full Review

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Brand Munchkin
Type Child Safety