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The nik dfine 2.0 for pc mac is sold out or discontinued. We found 253 related products.
Featuring the German Gairtopf Pickling Crock Pots with stone weights by Nik Schmitt & Sons! This is a high quality fermentation pickling crock manufactured by Gairtoph, a German company that has a patented gutter and lid which creates a water seal that does away with the need for constant cleaning. Kept in a cool place, the Gairtoph crock can be left alone for months while the vegetables inside get better and better. The only chore that these crocks demand is that you occasionally top up the water in the gutter that seals off the contents from the outside air. The Gairtoph Fermentation Pickling Crocks are covered with a lead free glaze and are very easy to clean. The crocks come with two small, semicircular, stoneware weight stones that are designed to rest on top of the vegetables to create the pressure needed for fermentation, and to protect the food from decay. With the Gairtoph Crock there is no need for the traditional paraphernalia of cloth, board or stone, and best of all the kahn yeast no longer forms. Simple instructions with recipes are included with the crocks. These crocks are perfect for making raw sauerkraut, Kim Chi, and other cultured vegetables. The German Gairtopf fermentation stoneware crocks are suitable for almost all types of vegetables including cabbage, carrot, beet, celery, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, daikon radish, onion, garlic, and more. The Stoneware does not require special storage or care and it remains neutral during the fermentation process. These pickling crocks come with the crock, the lid, and the two semi-circle stone weights. These crocks keep the sauerkraut air-tight which prevents any mold or yeast from growing on the food. These Gairtopf fermentation pots are manufactured in Germany by the company Nik Schmitt & Sons, (also called Nik. Schmitt & Sohn Steinzeugwaran.) These crocks are similar to the Harsch brand of pickling crocks. The Harsch brand crocks are no longer being made. The patent holder of the Harsch crocks is now making the Nik Schmitt crocks. Here are the physical characteristics of the new sizes. Size / Price / Diameter / Height / Weight 5 liter / $160 / Diameter 10 / Height 12 / 12.1 pounds 10 liter / $180 / Diameter 12 / Height 14.25 / 18.9 pounds 15 liter / $255 / Diameter 11.5 / Height 16.25 / 19.7 pounds 20 liter / $300 / Diameter 14.25 / Height 17 / Weight 25.4 pounds 25 Liter / $350 / Diameter: 15.5 / Height: 18 / Weight: 39.3 pounds 40 Liter / $450 / Diameter: 18.25 / Height: 25 / Weight: 70 pounds / Status: In stock! Ships with UPS Ground. Usually ships within one business day. Free Shipping with UPS Ground to the 48 US States! Additional shipping charges will apply to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. I am unable to ship these crocks outside of North America because of the heavy weight and oversized box. The crocks ship from my warehouse in Connecticut. They are insured against loss or damage. I rarely have one break during shipping. If you do receive a crock that has been damaged or cracked, I will mail you a brand new one at no extra charge. If the lid or stones become damaged during shipping, I will mail you a replacement at no charge. Questions? Give me a call at 503-771-3904 or email mike (at) Best Regards, Mike Snyder, store owner
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