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NOOKA is a New York based design company founded by artist and designer Matthew Waldman. Most famously known for its line of innovative and unique digital wristwatches which take the concept of telling time into an entirely new realm. Optimists may claim that a stopped clock still tells the correct time twice each day but when it comes to the cool watches aesthetic is just as important as functionality. The company was born when creative director Matthew Waldman spotted an analogue clock in a London hotel lobby and was inspired to create timepieces with an artistic outlook. As an educator at the Parsons School of Design and New School University Waldman has more than 15 years of experience in corporate identities and design systems experience which perfectly culminated in these stunningly unique watches. Driven by his new inspiration Waldman drew up designs for pieces such as the Zirc which uses twelve dots to represent the hours and a horizontal row that counts the minutes as well as the Zot which has twelve dots that represent both hours and months along with features such as a chronograph for timing poker games. Nooka meaningsleek in Hawaiian was born after Waldman took these designs to the company lawyer and had them approved for a patent. They now has world exposure and can comfortably stand alone in timepiece branding. With added features such as leather strap detailing hundreds of color washes as well as gold silver and black metal options perfect for anyone with a tight schedule and an affinity for artistry.. NM
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