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The nordica enforcer ski boot men s transparent orange black uk 9.0 is sold out or discontinued. We found 334 related products.
When Hell finally does freeze over, you should head down there and put in tracks all over the damn place. The Nordica Hell and Back H1 Ski Boot will be more than happy to be your partner in underworld-shredding crime, with a screw-adjustable 120 progressive flex and a super-light Triax shell that will flex consistently in all temperatures, so you won't ruin your trip if you stumble into some still-bubbling puddles of hellfire. An instep buckle that's oriented at a 45-degree angle to your ankle joint pulls your heel directly into the heel pocket, too, so you won't suffer discomfort or loss of performance due to a slip-sliding foot. Nordica must have made some sort of deal with the Devil, before he froze, because the level of comfort, not to mention sidecountry and resort performance, in this 120-flex boot is just tough silly. Soft shell flaps open wide to make getting your foot in and out no big deal, and FSE shock-absorbing foam padding in the sole cushions your ride while your foot sits comfortably in the Tech Fur-lined heat-moldable liner. Screw-in cant adjustments and micro-adjustable buckles made fine-tuning your fit easy, and the Bootfitters Best Friend system features a grid that's incorporated into the shell, allowing bootfitters to easily pinpoint problem spots and dial in grinds and punches. Nordica outfitted the Hell and Back with an overlapping Weather Shield system to keep water out (not that you'll find any down in Hades), and hooked up a high-traction sole to keep you upright in the parking lot or on exposed ridge-top rocks.
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Designed for ladies who like to ski all over the mountain, the Nordica Firearrow F3 Women's Ski Boot is built to drive today's wider skis with unparalleled precision. Checking in with a progressive flex of 105, the F3 features a three-piece PU ether shell that makes it easy to get on and off, while offering superior lateral energy transmission to help you master your new fat boards. To better transfer power to your edges, Nordica built the F3's EDT boot board out of carbon fiber, which increases the torsional rigidity of the boot, reducing energy loss and increasing precision. Additionally, the shell and tongue rate high on Nordica's rebound scale, meaning they push back quickly when flexed, giving you energy to quickly transition into your next turn. If you encounter varying conditions on the slopes, or feel like charging hard in the morning and cruising in the afternoon, there's a simple allen-wrench adjustment system on the spine of the boot that allows you to fine-tune the flex to suit your situation. To avoid the classic heel-hold problems of 4-buckle boots, Nordica has equipped the F3 with 3 buckles, one of which is aligned at a 45-degree angle to the ankle joint to pull your heel directly back into the heel pocket, increasing hold, performance, and comfort. The PFP precision liner is designed specifically for women and features heat-moldable technology to dial in the fit, and micro-adjustable buckles allow you to further adjust over the course of the day.
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