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The northern industrial super searcheye spotlight 10 million candlepower is sold out or discontinued. We found 240 related products.
Way Out Wax Tea Lights Northern Forest - 4 Pack (4 - 0.6oz) Created in conjunction with certified aromatherapists, Way Out Wax Tea Lights Northern Forest combines cedarwood, fir, and spruce essential oils to feed the spirit and clear the mind. Way Out Wax Tealights Northern Forest is a grounding aroma that encourages confidence, spiritual clarity and is a useful meditation aid reminiscent of a walk in the woods. Way Out Wax Tealights Northern Forest are true cedarwood, fir, and spruce essential oil aromatherapy candles. Essential oils are a plant's life force; their pure essence. When intact (the only way you'll ever find them from Way Out Wax), essential oils provide safe scents and help nurture the connection between humans and the natural world. Did you know?Ancient Egyptians used cedarwood in cosmetics, perfume and medicine as early as 3000 BC. Way Out Wax has been producing hand-poured, high quality candles for 20 years and remain as committed as ever to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Their products reflect their beautiful natural surroundings and the lifestyles of the real people who make them; embracing good health and maintaining the balance of nature. Aromatherapy, Not Aromacology What is aromatherapy?To understand what aromatherapy is, you must first realize that the plant is everything. The magic contained in small amounts of essential oils is unique to each botanical and is truly the concentrated life force or essence of a plant. The art and science of aromatherapy depends on the ability to deliver a particular plant's essence to an individual: to heal, to alter a mood, to fight infection, etc. Aromatherapy is often identified by smell, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.
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