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The nxg nx pro500b main stereo speaker is sold out or discontinued. We found 294 related products.
The Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Ice Skates continue a rich tradition of performance innovation and arrive with high anticipation. With the TotalOne NXGs, you'll find improvements in fit, flexibility and overall performance. New to the NXG is an improved upper-composite material that more closely resembles the human ankle. Termed Curv, the anatomically correct composite shell and insole can be heated up to mold completely to your ankle and heel and provide a full 3600 of moldability. The benefits are twofold: More comfort and better performance. By fitting your exact ankle, you have a custom fit that eliminates dead space and will move with you throughout the skating motion. Greater skating flexibility is achieved in the NXG with a patented tendon guard that provides improved range of motion while lowering overall weight. The tendon guard flexes fore and aft with authority and snaps back into place with each stride. The design allows for a five-degree improvement in range of motion versus last years model and gives you a feeling of greater agility on the ice. The same composite Curv material found in the boot is also found in the tongue in the form of composite inserts. Included with three different flexes, these inserts allow you to customize the amount of flex in the tongue and are designed to flex forward as you stride. The insert responds and springs your foot back, ready for your next stride. Putting it all to the ice is a combination of technologies all working in harmony. From the boot down, youll find a composite outsole that shifts more energy to the ice. The Tuuk LS2 Holder is a tried and true warrior with an aggressive stance. Rounding it out is the LS Fusion Runner that combines stainless steel with high-grade aluminum to yield a full 27-percent weight savings versus standard runners. In the final analysis, the Supreme TotalOne NXGs are a top-of-the-line skate infused with innovations designed to make your game better. Bauer has taken a successful desig...
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The Bauer Supreme TOTALONE NXG leg pad is a butterfly goalie's dream pad. Every design feature of the pad's predecessor, the Supreme TOTALONE, has been examined - and oftentimes updated - to make the new NXG a better performing, more light weight pad. Like the older TOTALONE, the NXG features a flat-faced front with a triangular outer roll to help save weight, and also direct pucks downward to the ice upon impact. The profile has been made more straight, and Bauer has removed the MyFlex custom pad break system in favor of a stiff Regulated Flex breaks both above and below the knee. The boot break, however, has been made softer vertically to allow the goalie's ankle to move easily and freely when pushing, or when directing rebounds away from the net. The lateral (or torsional) flex of the boot is fairly stiff to keep the boot from twisting over time. Finally, the inside edge of the pad has been made thin, and hard HD foams enhance the pad's sliding performance and seal to the ice.The Adjustable Knee Lock feature of the TOTALONE has been replaced by a wider, sewn in knee cradle in the NXG. The backing and shortened outer knee lock flap are lined with nylon for easy pad rotation, and the larger inner padding is made with PORON XRD foam for protection and extreme comfort. The landing block at the knee features Bauer's TOTALseal design, which moves it 1/2 from the inside seam of the pads, and therefore 1/2 closer to the goalie's knee. By keeping this pad closer to your knee, the goalie can more quickly and forcefully drive the pad downward to the ice when going into the butterfly, which creates a quicker and tighter seal to the ice.The wide, shallow leg channel is lined with nylon and it is flanked by two Reactor-style nylon calf wraps. One the innermost calf wrap you'll find a 1 thick LD foam pad that is sewn onto the outside of the flap. This pad takes up any negative space between the innermost and outermost calf wraps, and is also helps drive the pad downward towa...
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