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The odyssey metal x 2 ball putter left handed 35 is sold out or discontinued. We found 250 related products.
Odyssey FZGSNS7WFX Numark NS7 With NSFX Midi Digital Controller Glide Style CaseThe FZGSNS7WFX features a patented Glide Style platform, perfect for positioning your laptops, effect processors, and other gear where you want over the NS7 controller. The platform also features a NSFX attachment plate which can be removed if preferred. Below the rear of the player compartment we added a cable management port hole for a clean setup. There's also a ventilated pit to keep your NS7 cool while you continue to stay hot in your mix, and which can be used to store cables and other compact DJ accessories. Underneath the controller compartment is another of Odyssey's signature digital controller case designs, an integrated convenient pullout tray perfect for our ColorKey compact LED keyboard (Sold Separately) or for placing your hard drive(s), headphones, and other DJ essentials.Features and Specs: Patented Glide Style Tray Removable NSFX Attachment Plate Pullout Keyboard Tray Corner Roller Wheels for Easy Transport Heavy-Duty Ball Corners Removable Front Access Panel Bottom Cable Port Perfect for Cable Management Recessed Handle and Latches Ventilation Pit to Keep Your Player Cool Limited Lifetime Warranty Controller compartment is: 30W x 15D Pullout Tray is: 17.5 W x15D Glide Platform is: 33.75 W x 12 D *Note: Please do not transport your laptop in this case damage may occur. The gliding laptop platform can be positioned as needed. For the safety of your equipment, please be aware that the platform can be removed when slid out to it's furthest point.
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