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The ox cuff watch is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Acoustic Guitars - Tired of your guitar acting up because of the weather or climate? The innovative Composite Acoustics OX acoustic-electric guitar replaces traditional woods with carbon fiber for a rock-solid guitar. Extreme temps and humidity don't affect the OX giving you a guitar that is ready for any gig anywhere. The great-sounding acoustic tone is perfect for small gigs and the LR Baggs electronics give you excellent plugged-in tone. If you're looking for an ultra-stable and reliable acoustic-electric guitar, then you need to check out the Composite Acoustics OX!Composite Acoustics OX Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:Modern, man-made materials create an ultra-stable instrumentTailored acoustic guitar toneConstructed with laser precisionA hassle-free guitarLR Baggs electronics give you plenty of sonic controlModern, man-made materials create an ultra-stable instrumentAcoustic guitars made from wood have always been plagued with temperature and climate issues. If it's too humid your guitar sounds muddy, if it's too dry it can cause shrinkage and cracking, and let's not forget that hot and cold can also wreak havoc on your instrument. Composite Acoustics has eliminated all of these annoyances by building an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and super-strong material used for everything from Formula One race cars to airplanes. Besides being immune to climate and temperature issues, the strength of carbon fiber means you'll never have any bellying on the top or ever have to adjust your neck. Tailored acoustic guitar toneAnother great aspect of Composite Acoustic's OX carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar is its sound. Whether you play it acoustic or electric, the OX has a great voice and tonality. Extensive design and testing has led Composite Acoustics to find the perfect formula for amazing acoustic sound. And since every guitar is created using exact tolerances, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, they all have that killer acoustic voicing. The body and neck are created as a single piece which gives the OX maximum tonal transfer. The top uses carbon fiber bracing to give you the perfect acoustic sound for any style of music. Even the bridge and saddle are precision made from carbon for maximum sound and vibration transfer. Constructed with laser precisionModern technology creates greener houses, smaller computers, and more economical cars, why not a better guitar? Composite Acoustics utilizes the latest in modern-production technology to build the OX acoustic-electric guitar. These American-made guitars are built to extremely strict tolerances using CNC machines, CAD design, and laser-cutting devices that give you the perfect instrument. Every stage of the process is precision controlled including the work done by hand. You won't find a more precisely made guitar on the market than the Composite Acoustics OX. Every Composite Acoustics guitar comes with a lifetime warranty.A hassle-free guitarTraditionally constructed guitars need lots of care and babying from the elements and climate. The Composite Acoustics OX's unique carbon fiber build makes it impervious to weather and climate conditions. You won't have to worry about shrinkage, cracking, or expanding. In fact, you never have to oil your fingerboard or humidify a carbon fiber guitar. Carbon fiber is a stable and ultra-durable material making it perfect for traveling musicians. The top of the OX won't split down the center in dry climates and won't warp or swell in wet climates. The reliability and stability of the Composite Acoustics OX is something we at Sweetwater know most guitarists will appreciate. You can keep it in your car all day long no matter what the temperature. The Composite Acoustics OX is perfect for camping, festivals, and any outdoor gig.LR Baggs electronics give you plenty of sonic controlYou can shape the sound of your Composite Acoustics OX acoustic-electric guitar for virtually any scenario with LR Ba
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Clean Roof Forever OX Pro Bundle: Roof cleaner OX 3000 roof wash for mold black streaks. Roof Armor roof stain prevention. Includes hose-end pro-applicator Roof Cleaning Products Bundle Roof Cleaner OX Professional Bundle Shingle Cleaner, Roof Stain Prevention and Professional Applicator in one box! Roof Cleaner OX 3000 Premium roof cleaning product Roof Cleaner OX will wash away roof stains caused by roof mold, roof mildew and moss. Environmentally friendly roof cleaning products, are the safest way to wash roof shingles. Other roof cleaning products use dangerous chemicals, but not the OX! Roof Cleaner OX is oxygenated, with added surfactants to revive your roof shingles. Includes enough Roof Cleaner OX to cover 3000 sq ft. Roof Armor Protectant Roof Armor roof stain prevention is a roof cleaning product that can be applied once a year to prevent the roof algae, roof mold and other roof stains from returning. Roof Armor stain prevention does not require rinsing and can be sprayed from the ground, making it a simple roof cleaning preventive measure to keep your roof shingles looking new for years! Professional Applicator The Roof Cleaning Professional Applicator attaches to the end of your garden hose and can spray BOTH Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Armor roof cleaning products using different dilution settings. Unclip the nozzle and you have a powerful rinsing jet This professional roof cleaning applicator can also be used for washing cars, decks etc. Powerful , Easy to Use Roof Cleaning Products To Remove Embarrassing Roof Stains AND prevent them from coming back!
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