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The pac spr200 battery isolator is sold out or discontinued. We found 1102 related products.
Shop for First Aid and Emergency Supplies for Sport Teams from! When taking a long trip, bring the Pac-Kit Waterproof Soft Pouch Travel Kit. Keep it in your luggage, you glove compartment, or even in your backpack. This kit filled with a general first aid refill module and wound treatment refill pack is a great set of supplies to keep you prepared for any emergency situation. The waterproof case features sewn on Velcro for wall-mounting capability and measures 8L x 10W x 2H inches.About Pac-KitPac-Kit is the first and oldest brand name of unitized first aid kits. The kits story begins in the late 1800s when The Burroughs Wellcome medical manufacturing company began packaging medications and dressings in small cases for use in the field. These medical kits were used by the likes of Admiral Peary and Theodore Roosevelt, and with such great men carrying this product the word of its quality spread fast. At the turn of the century, with the development of cars, trucks, railways, and telephones and telegraphs, Burroughs Wellcome was invited to a forum. The world was changing, medicine was changing, and a certain customer needed a mass production of standardized antiseptics, medications, and dressings. And so Burroughs Welcome created what would become the Pac-Kit. Of course, the Pac-Kit would later develop into its own company by the 1940s. When, in 1970s, the federal government expanded its role in the regulation of medical products, Pac-Kit was the advisor for the creation and implementation of the Quality Assurance program. Pac-Kit isn't just a brand, it's history.
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