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Electric Guitars - Pick up the Kramer Pacer Classic solidbody electric guitar, and you've got a rockin' instrument at a great value. The original Pacer from 1983 helped shredders blaze the trails of '80s metal, and you can have the same sleek lines and fast, precise performance with the Pacer Classic. You get two humbuckers with Alnico V magnets for hot tone, plus a Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut for wild dive bombs that don't leave you out of tune. So call Sweetwater for the shred-ready guitar that's within anyone's reach - the Kramer Pacer Classic!Kramer Pacer Classic Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:Alnico V humbuckers give you bold, aggressive toneFloyd Rose tremolo gives you expressiveness and tuning stabilityKramer: rocking hard since the '80sAlnico V humbuckers give you bold, aggressive toneKramer equipped the Pacer Classic with a pair of Alnico V humbucking pickups to give you aggressive tone that hits your amplifier with plenty of strength. Humbuckers with Alnico V magnets are known to have an aggressive, punchy sound that's perfect for high-octane rock and metal. So no matter what amplifier or modeler you plug into, the Kramer Pacer Classic is primed to rock.Floyd Rose tremolo gives you expressiveness and tuning stabilityShredding and wild whammy bar antics go hand in hand, so Kramer gave the Pacer Classic a smooth Floyd Rose tremolo bridge so you can squeal and divebomb all night long. And because it's got a locking nut, you'll maintain your tuning stability even when you're rocking your Pacer Classic as hard as you can.Kramer: rocking hard since the '80sKramer guitars were at the forefront of the '80s metal scene, with endorsements from pros like Eddie Van Halen, Neil Schon, Richie Sambora and others. Kramer guitars like this Pacer Classic have been the guitar of choice for some of the hardest rocking guitarists in the world. You're getting more than a great value with the Kramer Pacer Classic, you're getting a guitar that's built to rock.Kramer Pacer Classic Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:Rock-ready guitar based on the original 1983 Kramer PacerResonant mahogany body has smooth curves for maximum playing comfortDual humbuckers with Alnico V have a strong output and aggressive toneSlim, wide maple neck plays fast and smoothFloyd Rose tremolo bridge with locking nut for expressive playing and stable tuningGrab the Kramer Pacer Classic, crank up your amplifier, and rock out! Solidbody Guitars
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