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Pacific Natural Foods - All Natural Ultra Soy MilkOrginal- 32 oz. (946 mL) Pacific Natural Foods All Natural Ultra Soy Milk Orginalis great With all the essential amino acidsthe body need, soy is a valued source of protein around the world. They've added a touch of sweetness and a whole lot of essential minerals and vitamins for a refreshing beverage that's as nutritious as it is delicious. 10g Soy Protein Promotes Heart Health 30% DV Calcium 15% DV Magnesium Excellent Source of Riboflavin, B6 & B12 Lactose & Cholesterol Free Vegan Gluten Free Meet the little carton that could. Preservatives and their packaging have never met. That's because the packages Pacific uses allow even the most perishable foods to stay fresh and tasty without chemicals or preservatives. They also require no refrigeration, which saves on energy, too. Tetra Pak packaging requires fewer materials to create, to process and to ship. And in many places, it's even recyclable. Open up a carton and taste the possibility. In the waste game, their best score is a big fat zero. Around here, the only good waste is no waste. At Pacific, they've made Zero Waste a long-term company goal. Ambitious? Certainly, but it's not impossible. Every year they're using less and repurposing more. 80% of their company waste is now recycled or repurposed. 100% of their food scraps are converted into animal feed or compost. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of okara, a soy by-product, are made into high-protein animal feed. Even their animals' waste is converted into phosphorus irrigation and compost or transformed into bedding. While they're not one to brag, they're proud of their accomplishments. As they see it, the only way to move forward is to leave nothing behind. Restoring the wetlands. Welcoming back old friends. When their founder and his family first purchased farmland in the Willamette Valley, they didn't just envision what the land might become, they recalled what it once was.
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