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The pair of funnets 4 ft h x 6 ft l pr is sold out or discontinued. We found 407 related products.
Cymbals - Note: the Gen16 14 Hi-hat Pair does not include a pickup/preamp. Cymbals are not returnable.Crafted in partnership between Zildjian and Gen16, Gen16 Acoustic-electric Cymbals are real cymbals - real Zildjian cymbals - that play at reduced volume. About 75% less volume, thanks to a unique perforated pattern. That means you can play them exactly how you play any other cymbal, using any stick, mallet, or technique. The full decay is there, and they respond to your every playing nuance. Used with or without a pickup/preamp and associated system electronics, Gen16 cymbals are perfect for practice and low-volume rehearsals and performances.Cutting-edge technology and traditional Zildjian craftsmanshipIn an acoustic-electric setup, the optional discrete pickup system in the cymbal mount picks up the sound of the cymbals. And, in tandem with a DSP engine, it amplifies and tone shapes the cymbal's output to present it at levels the whole audience can hear. Finally, you can make playing your electronic kit as fun as playing your acoustic kit! Many players will want to use them with their acoustic kits for reduced volume in pit work or worship bands. For discriminating drummers, Gen16 is the obvious choice.Gen16 14 Hi-hat Pair Features at a Glance:Gen16: cymbals for electronic or acoustic drum kitsFeel and respond like real cymbals because they are real cymbalsPlay with any any stick, mallet, or techniqueUse with or without optional pickup system and associated electronicsPerfect for practice and low-volume rehearsals and performancesInvest in breakthrough next-gen cymbal technology with Gen16! Hi Hat Cymbals
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