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The parker monopoly 60th anniversary edition is sold out or discontinued. We found 149 related products.
Powis Parker Fastback S41 Splitter High gloss, coated papers can cause problems when binding with any thermal binding machines. The Powis Fastback Splitter S41 provides the premium binding for high gloss, coated papers and ensures a long-lasting book. It features the micro-blades, what it does is it will open up the paper creating a much stronger adhesive attachments to the raw fibers inside. The Splitter S41 is designed with the StitchFree feature, capable for a firm glossy paper bind and eliminate the mess other machines produces. When the S41 is used and combined with the Fastback 25 photo book binder, it provides a smooth and heavy-duty sewn or wire-stitched binding finish product. With an automatic jogging option, the S41 provides an evenly aligned presentation from the start to finish. Create the perfect binding project with the Powis Fastback Splitter S41. Product Features: Prepares coated paper for binding without sewing or stitching Handles paper with full edge-to-edge bleeds User-friendly and safe operation Automatic paper jogging feature providing an even layout Clean environment with the filter system by eliminating paper dust Product Specification: Spine Lengths: Max. 12 (30.38cm) or A4; Min. 6 (15.24cm) Split Thickness: Max. 0.5 (1.27cm); Min. 10 sheets Page Sizes: Max. 12 x 12 (30.48cm x 30.48cm); Min. 6 x 6 (15.24cm x 15.24cm) Optimal Paper Weight: 110# Coated Text (Max. 215 gsm) Cycle Time: 35 Seconds (Warm-up Time If you have any questions about these Powis Parker Fastback Splitter, please feel free to
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The Parker 5th Technology PenAn innovative writing system is set to revolutionize the look and feel of putting pen to paper. Parker aims to gain a new generation's interest in fine writing by creating a one-of-a kind pen that is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. The innovation consists of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood that, together, constitute the newest technology in pens.Through extensive research into consumers' needs and combining consumers' favorite features of each of the four current writing modes--the classic beauty of the fountain pen, the smoothness and precision of the rollerball, the ease and longevity of the ball point, and the smudge-free, fluid experience of the porous point--researchers have developed the 5th technology. Utilizing this revolutionary and cutting-edge technology, Parker has created an innovative arsenal of pens dubbed the Parker 5th Technology collection.Comes in a premium Parker gift box.(Sonnet model S0975980 shown.)view largerFrom the pioneering innovations of the 5th technology utilized by the elegant Parker 5th Technology collection emerges a form of pen that combines modern thinking with fine design. The emerging generation won't have to choose between fashion and functionality--now they can have both.The Ultimate AccessoryThe writing system from Parker is not only a technological breakthrough, it's a must-have example of contemporary accessories. The Parker 5th Technology collection is avant-garde in its technique, design, and inspiration, making it the ultimate accessory for today's stylish man or woman.Each pen comes in a premium Parker gift box, measuring approximately 6.9 by 1.5 by 3.3 inches. One black 5th technology refill cartridge is included.Advanced 5th TechnologyThe Parker 5th Technology collection exclusively uses the advanced 5th technology as their newest innovative mode of writing, the benefits of which include:A smart glide tip that adjusts to your personal writing style after ju
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