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The party entertainment game complete product standard retail excellent performance for nintendo wii is sold out or discontinued. We found 27 related products.
The propane Coleman party grill is easy to carry, easy to assemble, and most importantly, easy to use. If you're searching for a reliable, portable grill for tailgate parties, fishing trips, or quick backyard barbecues, don't overlook this Coleman. Besides grilling burgers, the Coleman party grill is also great for boiling: simply remove the nonstick grill and place your pot of water (or soup or veggies) on the grate to boil. Then replace the grill to prepare burgers, chicken, or even salmon. A small section of the grill is solid and flat for use as a griddle: cook morning eggs or thin slices of meat such as bacon or fish. The cooking speed is greatest in the center of the grill and slower toward the edges.Detailed instructions are included, but the whole grill can be assembled in less than 10 minutes, and no tools are required. Connecting the propane cylinder (sold separately) is simple: remove the plastic cap from the top of the cylinder, and screw the cylinder into the regulator. To prepare a feast, fill the steel bowl with water, open the burner valve, push a button, and a small spark will ignite the burner. Adjust the button for desired heat. Every part of the Coleman party grill is dishwasher-safe except the burner assembly, and a blue plastic lid can be used to steady your grill on soft surfaces like sand and also protects your grill while on the road. Our only suggestion is this: once you get the grill in place, leave it there--the removable legs can fall out if you're moving the grill from place to place. Limited warranty.--Rhonda Langdon
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