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The phoenix health fitness manual treadmill is sold out or discontinued. We found 803 related products.
Software & Plug-ins - NOTE: This product requires an iLok 2 (not included) for authorization. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have questions.The Crane Song Phoenix II AAX plug-in brings Dave Hill's world-famous tape emulation to both DSP-accelerated and native Pro Tools systems. In Phoenix II, Dave Hill's decades of engineering and recording experience come together to give you an entire suite of super-realistic tape-emulation modes. You can quite easily use Phoenix II to enhance the sound of every track in every project you work on. If you want real tape sound and dynamics in your Pro Tools rig, then you need the Crane Song Phoenix II AAX plug-in.Crane Song Phoenix II Tape-emulation Plug-in for Pro Tools at a Glance:Five flavors of tape emulation loaded into one versatile plug-inLevel-dependent processing lets your hit this plug-in like real analog tapeThree levels of tape glow provide added colorationFive flavors of tape emulation loaded into one versatile plug-inDave Hill's vast experience with top-quality tape machines led him to infuse Crane Song Phoenix II with five amazing tape emulation modes. If you're in the mood for a strictly neutral tape style compression, Luminescent mode is the perfect place to start. Iridescent mode fattens up the bottom end and midrange a bit, whereas Radient mode lays on more aggressive compression (both are great for drums). If you want to punch up vocals, then flip Phoenix II over to Dark Essence to get seriously aggressive compression with a wide frequency range. Last but not least is Phoenix II's Luster mode, which runs the gambit from mild to aggressive, depending on how hard you hit it.Level-dependent processing lets your hit this plug-in like real analog tapeSpeaking of level-dependent processing, the dynamic response of Phoenix II is one of the things that truly sets it apart from other tape-emulation plug-ins, many of which rely solely on odd-order harmonics to achieve their tape sound. Crane Song actually gave Phoenix II both input and output trim controls, making it easier than ever to drive its tape saturation and get the coloration you want, without running the risk of clipping your tracks. If you came to Sweetwater looking to add an analog vibe to your productions, Phoenix II is it.Three levels of tape glow provide added colorationReal tape sound includes more than just the nonlinear compression of electromagnetic tape. In fact, there's a lot going on in a real tape machine's record/reproduce electronics and fixed equalization curves that form what we think of as tape sound. That's why Crane Song included the frequency-enhancing character of real tape machines in Phoenix II's brightness controls. Gold mode represents the standard flat tape sound. You also get Phoenix II's Saphire mode for added brightness, whereas Opal mode brings out the warmth in your material. Crane Song Phoenix II Tape-emulation Plug-in for Pro Tools Features:A suite of realistic and flexible tape-emulation styles in a single AAX plug-inDesigned from the ground up to be compatible with both native Pro Tools systems and Pro Tools|HDX systems (requires Pro Tools 10 or later)Tape-emulation modes based on decades of experience with analog electronic engineering5 x tape-emulation types let you select the right analog sound for your materialLuminescent mode provides you with neutral-sounding tape dynamics and minimal colorationIridescent mode includes neutral non-linear compression with fatter bottom and midrangeRadiant mode adds an aggressive compression curve that's great for adding punch to dynamicsDark Essence mode combines across-the-board aggressive compression with coloration that affects a wide frequency rage and is particularly flattering to vocalsLuster mode provides an extremely dynamic effect that responds aggressively at higher saturationsBrightness modes allow you to select between a neutral frequency response (Gold mode), a brighter frequency response (Saphire mode), and a warm
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Below is the details of the highend features built into the Phoenix 98835 Motorized folding treadmill. This machine represents an ultimate solution for anyone looking for a costeffective, spacesaving treadmill. DualStage, Soft Drop Folding Phoenix 98835 treadmill has gas shockassist lift, which can gently tilt the deck into position and wheel it away for storage. There is no hassle for hoisting and heaving to fold. Use the convenient footoperated lever to lower it softly back into place with and it's ready again for use Patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System The patented suspension running deck is proven to lessen the impact of walking and running. The entire running deck and frame is suspended on two pivots. This will increase cushioning and reduce harmful impact on your hips, back, ankles and knees. 20 x 55 Whisper Weave Treadbelt Phoenix 98835 Motorized Folding Treadmill is equipped with Whisper Weave technology which helps make Phoenix treadmills as quiet and smooth operated as possible. The running surface is wide and comfortable to exercise. Running treadmills are often noisy, but not on Phoenix 98835's. Powerful, yet Quiet 2.5 HP Motor Built for long life and complete silence. Engineered with an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit board, the Phoenix 98835 motorized treadmill operates noisefree. Optical speed sensors working in conjunction with the PWM ensure smooth speed changes, plus dual motor fans extend the life of your treadmill. Oversized LCD Console Intuitive, interactive LCD console lets you monitor your speed, incline, distance, calories, time and pulse simultaneously. Heart Rate Control Through programmed settings, the heart rate monitor automatically adjusts the intensity of your workouts according to the reading on the ergonomicallypositioned grip pulse monitor. Superior Stability Most of the light weight, discount treadmills rock and sway during brisk walks or runs. Thanks to the heavy weight
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