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The pinnacle speakers ac sub 125 10 inch subwoofer is sold out or discontinued. We found 93 related products.
The next generation of filmmaking is here and it's bursting out of the screen in stereoscopic 3D and stunning high-definition. Cutting-edge technologies used by the pros, from frame-based tools to green screen effects, are right at your fingertips with the award-winning editing engine of Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate. Import, trim, fix and enhance videos from your favorite digital devices, including the latest 3D and high-definition camcorders, all from the comfort of your PC. With advanced visual technologies, unlimited editing tracks and one-click uploading, your creative opportunities are about to reach a new Pinnacle. Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate makes sophisticated 3D and high-definition editing techniques simple to master, with an intuitive, unlimited-track timeline that gives you precise control of each frame. Add impressive effects, such as green screen, picture-in-picture, multilayer and stop-motion animation, to express your artistic vision. Bring a touch of Hollywood flair to your footage using more than 2,000 2D and 3D effects, as well as seven Red Giant plug-ins. In a rush to get your film work done? With options for simple storyboarding and automatic movie making, you can zip through the editing process in a flash. Ensure your favorite clips and photos are always easily accessible by organizing them in the built-in media library, storing them in the cloud or archiving them with smart Project Packages. When your work is complete, bring your movies to life on a 3D HDTV, burn them to Dolby 5.1 surround Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, or upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. The 3D revolution is here and it will forever change the way you capture moments on video.
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Whether you're filming a wedding, the birth of your child or your friend's slick new skateboard trick, movies and videos are your passion. You love transforming simple videos you shot that day into stunning works of art that captivate your audience. With Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus, you'll be able to easily enhance your movies, edit 3D videos and share them with family and friends. Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus lets you take your existing movies, photos and music and transform them into stunning works of art. Featuring a new 64-bit architecture, Pinnacle Studio allows you to fully take advantage of your PC's processing power and memory for efficient performance. Create sophisticated picture-in-picture and multilayer effects with the advanced 24-track editing environment, which provides an effortless workflow in high-definition or 3D. Import video clips from a variety of sources, including GoPro 3D cameras and Panasonic MVC format, for 3D editing with true 3D effects, optimal quality and the ability to export to YouTube 3D, AVCHD 3D and more. Enhance your film by capturing the mood with a perfect soundtrack with the inclusion of 17 royalty-free music tracks from Triple Scoop Music. Polish your creation with more than 1,800 effects, transitions and templates that offer keyframe-based control for precise timing. Get ready to create dynamic, one-of-a-kind videos that you can share with family and friends with DVD burning, file exporting to popular formats or the ability to upload to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Are you ready to turn your videos into gorgeous works of art?
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