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The pockets of learning my prayer bear is sold out or discontinued. We found 587 related products.
Each of these spiral-bound, compact and handy guides is packed with useful information. They are all waterproof, contain helpful illustrations and easily fit in a fly-vest pocket.Available:Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing A comprehensive and illustrated introduction to the sport of fly fishing. In addition to fishing strategies and casting techniques, youll learn about reel types and selection, fly-line types and their usage, leaders, knots, hooks and how to choose a fly to match natural food sources. 28 pages.Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival Designed to help you survive a life-threatening outdoor emergency. Key topics include navigation, emergency signaling with a mirror or the use of ground-to-air signals, construction and use of emergency shelters, starting a fire, survival eating, finding water, including construction of a vegetation still using a plastic bag, lightning, avalanches and hypothermia. 28 pages.Pocket Guide to Animals/Tracks Provides illustrations of key animals and birds with their tracks shown alongside. Along the margin is a ruler to quickly size a track. This guide is a must for hikers, backpackers, bird watchers and hunters. 28 pages.Pocket Guide to Weather Forecasting For hikers, backpackers, campers, bikers, fishermen or anyone outdoors, the ability to forecast weather is critical. This detailed, fully illustrated guide covers quick forecasting guidelines, reading natures signals, analyzing cloud formations, forecasting by monitoring cloud movement and cloud sequences, forecasting by cloud types, analyzing weather fronts, forecasting by wind direction, and integrating the effects of terrain into your forecast. 28 pages. Type: Book. Title Fly Fishing. Media > Books
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