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Pok???mon Battle Revolution (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

Nintendo DS owners yearning to see their favorite Pok???mon characters fight in 3D get their wish with Pok???mon Battle Revolution on Wii. As with Pok???mon Stadium and Pok???mon Colosseum before it, Battle Revolution features a choice of arenas with distinct rules and victory conditions. The wireless capabilities of both the Wii and DS let players seamlessly transfer existing teams from either Pok???mon Diamond or Pok???mon Pearl handheld titles. <br><br>Yet the cross-platform functionality doesn't end there. The handheld's touch screen is used to strategically control each Pok???mon character within the ten included 3D arenas, offering players their own private command list free from the prying eyes of nearby friends. Those <I>without</I> nearby friends won't have to miss out on the multiplayer fun, as Pok???mon Battle Revolution is the first Wii title with online support for real-time skirmishes against trainers from around the world.

Pok???mon Battle Revolution (Nintendo Wii, 2007)


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Product Reviews

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pros: Battle Pokemon

cons: no Campaign Mode

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokemon Battle revolution is the newest Pokemon game for the Nintendo Wii. Pokemon Battle revolution... See Full Review



pros: Real-time Online battling, decent graphics, decent gameplay

cons: Corny announcer, no win/loss records, basically requires a Nintendo DS and Pokemon D/P

Pokemon Battling on the Wii

Nintendo&#39;s latest console Pokemon game allows you to take your Pokemon game to the next level with P... See Full Review



pros: Good graphics and fun battling mode ability

cons: Lacks extra modes like in previous Pokemon Stadium style games

Okay New Pokemon Battling Game

If you are into the battling aspect of Pokemon, then this is a fun game for battling Pokemon on the... See Full Review



pros: music, sound, gameplay

cons: none really

Pokemon Battle Revolution

I was real excited when I found out that Nintendo was making a pokemon game on the Wii. I have been... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, online play, sound, transfer Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl.

cons: Repetitive animations, poorly thought out online system.

Pokemon Stadium for the next generation!

The Pokemon craze recently got another boost with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl f... See Full Review



pros: Great Graphics for a Wii Game

cons: Terrible Music, Barebones Gameplay, Lame Options

Pokemon Battle Revolution: - Nintendo Set us Up the Pokebomb

The Pokemon series is a worldwide phenomenon, and in an effort to make as much money on it as possib... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2007
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo Wii
Other Features
Brand Nintendo of America, Inc.