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Your laptop is more than just microchips and megabytes it's your virtual fingerprint. From your photo albums to your bank accounts, some of your most valuable assets are linked to or centralized on your computer and they're only as safe as the device they're stored on. In a society where you're always on the go and your technology is always going along with you, your laptop is constantly vulnerable. Should your computer go missing, make sure you have the power to recover it and guard your data. The tracking and recovery tools of LoJack for Laptops Premium Edition provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that even if your computer falls into the wrong hands, you're still in control of the situation. LoJack for Laptops Premium Edition puts a staff of former police officers and seasoned security professionals at your disposal, so you'll have the protection of the law on your side in the case of a theft. With a simple online setup process, you can equip your laptop with advanced technology that quietly monitors your computer's location without disrupting your work. If your laptop is lost or stolen, the professional Theft Recovery Team tracks its exact location and provides you with real, physical assistance by working with local police to track down thieves. In a matter of moments, an identity thief or prying stranger can steal sensitive personal information from your laptop. Ensure they never get the chance to invade your privacy by using the Data Delete service to remotely erase personal files, applications and other data from your lost or stolen laptop. With LoJack for Laptop Premium Edition, you stay one step ahead of criminals, and one step closer to getting your laptop back where it belongs in your hands.
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