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The pro down step over dummies 8 high each is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Pro ears thought about offering a recessed, electronic volume control with on/off switch (they look cool) but after in-field tests proved a shooter wearing gloves had better control with Pro-Ears old fashioned pots we decided performance was more important than looks. ProForm leather ear cushions with visco-elastic foam ensures the highest level of sound attenuation and comfort available. An internal battery compartment eliminates unnecessary cuts or voids in the external cup, improving the noise attenuation properties of the cup. No tools are required to change the battery. The Pro Ears Pro Tac Series offers the longest battery life in its class. ProEars reliability gives you the confidence to be your best. The Pro Series from Pro Ears offers industry leading DLSC compression technology, wind abatement programming and built-in quality similar to our top of the line Gold Series. The circuit board reduces high frequency filtering which may benefit those with high-frequency hearing loss. Separate circuit boards, one in each cup, with their own on/off and volume controls eliminates the need for wires and increases reliability and adjust-ability. Features: - Pro Ears Pro Tac-300 NRR 26 Earmuffs, Black - Preset at 15 decibels of amplification for operation in a continuously noisy environment - No high frequency filtering to help those with high frequency hearing loss - Highly versatile cup - multi-purpose design - Hearing protection reviews consistently rate the Pro Tac 300 as a best value - Available with behind-the-headband for use with MICH, ACH and PASGT helmets at total - Weight of 7.7 oz
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Free USPS Express Delivery when you buy the Pinnacle Pro!VaporBLUNT has taken their travel friendly vaporizer, the Pinnacle, and revamped it with several new improvements that put it at Pro status.The Pinnacle Pro still has all of the things we love from the original version; a small 5 inch frame for ultimate portability, a simple 1 button design for extremely easy use, and an optional water filter upgrade that provides some of the smoothest vapor possible.One of the new features Pinnacle brings to the table is 5 temperature settings that range from 370 to 470 degrees in 25 degree increments. This new range provides more control over your settings so you can get the vapor quality just how you like it.The temperature settings are conveniently displayed through a color coding system so you know what temp you're at even at a glance. The Pinnacle now offers waxy oil capabilities so you can vape dry blends and oils / concentrates right out of the box without any extra accessories.One of the other minor, yet efficient, changes is the new battery life indicator. Tapping the button just once will indicate the battery's life level by displaying 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lights.Any of the old Pinnacle accessories, including the micro shower water filtration tool, still fit and work with the new Pinnacle Pro so you don't have to worry about throwing anything away or buying new tools and adapters.Like all of VaporBLUNT's vaporizers, the Pinnacle Pro is made in the USA from quality materials and is backed by their manufacturer's warranty.Questions about this product™Call us at 201-389-VAPE Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM Eastern and we will be glad to assist you or take your order by phone.The Pinnacle Pro comes packaged with:Pinnacle VaporizerChamber CapPonG Adapter2 Dry Blend Filling ChambersWax / Oil Filling ChamberWall ChargerCleaning BrushWire Pipe CleanerBamboo Cleaning StickStandard MouthpieceInstruction GuideManufacturer: VaporBLUNTConstruction: Made of a strong plastic frame and it utilizes a stainless steel encased ceramic heating elementVaporization Method: Direct Inhalation, Hand HeldWarranty Information: 1 year warranty covering defects in manufacturing, parts, and labor. 90 Day warranty on the battery
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