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The pro football hall of fame hooded fleece is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Go for the Gold! Pro Series Gold Shuffleboard Weights offer the ultimate in performance and style for both the casual player and accomplished professional. Take your game to the next level with the world's finest shuffleboard weights, Pro Series Gold. Pro Series® Shuffleboard Weights (sometimes referred to as pucks) are designed to provide consistently superior performance on any type of playing surface, including lacquer and polymer finishes. In order to achieve this, each set of Pro Series® Weights is individually speed tested. Any weight that does not meet the very strict test criteria is re-polished and re-tested until all eight weights are equal in speed. Other brands of weights have variances of several feet between the speed of the fastest and slowest weights in the set. Once a set of Pro Series® Weights has passed inspection, it is assigned a serial number unique to that set. This number is then engraved on the top of each weight in the set, underneath the caps. Pro Series Gold® Weights feature a super tough, durable hard Titanium coating and are guaranteed for life. Pro Series weights are the most widely used weights in the competitive shuffleboard world. They are the number one choice of top players and serious amateurs alike, and win more than three times as many tournaments as all other brands combined.. Each set of Pro Series® Shuffleboard Weights include high performance blue and red Pro Series Aluminum Weight Caps, and a set of Pro Series® gold foil decals. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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The Shuffleboard Federation
The Mini Pro 2.0 offers perhaps our most realistic basketball experience. This hoop not only looks like those seen in pro arenas, it plays like it too! The backboard, made with strong polycarbonate, features pro-style graphics. The aluminum framing adds an authentic touch, especially with the backboard pads to provide safety. The rim is heavy duty 3/8 steel painted gloss orange. The break-away die spring lets you slam over your friends, making this hoop a perfect hit with the kids! Attach this hoop to the stud in your wall and get ready to ball! ***Though not required like with our Mini Pro Xtreme and Mini Pro Ultimate, there is a an optional two stud mounting option for this hoop called the Competition Mount. This is recommended for those who are intent on aggressive dunking.*** Features 24 x 16 backboard made with 1/4 thick polycarbonate    A durable material that will give you proper playback on bank shots Steel inner frame encompassed by aluminum outer frame with pads The backboard is given more strength with this support, but still remains safe 10-1/4 diameter rim made of solid, 3/8 steel Designed to be durable on tomahawk jams, but also play true on jump shots  Break-away rim with die spring Dunks are a blast with the spring action rim flexing and holding up to heavy slams Wall brackets to support the rim and backboard Hang your hoop securely into a stud or on a post for strong, realistic play Choice of basketball Customize your mini hoop experience What's Included Backboard and rim Mounting brackets Choice of mini basketball (Rubber ball ships deflated; synthetic leather partially inflated) Assembly hardware (Tools required)  
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With the Star Pro Helmet's wind-tunnel proven ability to gain . 9 meters every 300 meters over its closest competitor, Bell obviously doesn't have many options for improving it. In fact, it may only have one: adding a wind-shielding visor. By adding the magnetic, tinted Zeiss Shield to the Pro Star's refined, aerodynamic body and elements, Bell's engineers have made what may be the fastest cycling helmet on the planet. The Star Pro's Active Aero, which involves a switch and a slider, is the helmet's other aerodynamic-boosting feature. Sliding it open makes for more ventilation; sliding it shut blocks off the drag-creating vents at the helmet's front, presenting a unified front to the wind to take maximum advantage of the Star Pro's aerodynamic shaping. The Star Pro may be the only cycling helmet that literally has its own wind tunnel, as the Bell engineers built one for it to dial in the shape as much as possible. Even the straps are aerodynamic, incorporating Bell's new Cinch system to keep everything flat and unobtrusive while the FloatFit adjustment options ensure security. The Overbrow Ventilation design helps strike a balance between ventilation and aerodynamics courtesy of airflow channels running through the Star Pro's under belly. The brow provides a gap between helmet and forehead, which funnels air into the channels, which let it move unimpeded over your head and out the rear exhaust ports for efficient cooling. For climbs, you'll definitely want to supplement this with the Active Aero vents open, but it does a reasonable job keeping you cool with the vents closed when you're flying under the red kite with only a matter of seconds on the bunch. A helmet's aerodynamics and ventilation are nice, but it's important to bear in mind the reason why we're even discussing them. A helmet is protection first, aerodynamic second, and cool-looking third. (We do admit to sometimes inverting the second and third criteria. Happily, the Star Pro doesn't disappoint, ...
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