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Guitar Amps - The FENDER® Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro combo amp has to be one of the more distinctively boutiquey guitar amps we've seen. With 13 watts of 6V6 power and a 15 Eminence Legend speaker, the Excelsior Pro sports an unusual E-shaped grille design and a delightfully bizarre crossed-swords front-panel badge. The Excelsior Pro has three inputs - guitar, mic, and accordion - each with individually optimized circuitry. A tremolo circuit (with speed control) and a bright/dark tone switch complete the featureset. If you're in the mood for something different, you've found it - Fender's Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro.Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro Combo Guitar Amp at a Glance:Look differentSound differentAdd a fresh, unconventional vibe to your musicLook differentEverything about the Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro combo amp shouts different. With its delightfully eccentric styling, you won't see yourself coming and going very often. Then, there's the sound. There again, Fender's whipped up something rather tasty and unique.Sound differentThe Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro is fitted with two 6V6s driving a 15 Eminence Legend speaker - with a trem circuit and bright/dark switch along for the ride. Among guitarists, fifteens have a fiercely loyal, almost cult-ish following. You get sonic magic with that massive cone flapping about - especially when driven with a lower-wattage tube amp with a bit of sag. If you haven't had the pleasure, you really have to experience this for yourself.Juice your tone with a boutiquey vibeOne of the things that separates us guitarists from other musicians is our appreciation for real analog. Analog tone circuits, sure - but also good old-fashioned mechanics. The physical interaction of a valve amp with a speaker cone. Fender gets it (of course they do) - that's why they design and build such wonderful tone candy. Add a fresh, unconventional vibe to your music with the Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro. Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro Combo Guitar Amp Features:Distinctive, unusual styling and soundTwo 6V6 power tubes, 13 watts; two 12AX7 preamp tubes15 Eminence Legend speakerGuitar, Mic, and Accordion inputs (each with individually optimized circuitry)Volume, Tremolo knobs; Bright/Dark switch1/4 internal speaker disconnect for driving an external speakerLimited Edition FSR badgeOn a tone quest? Check out the Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior Pro combo amp! Guitar Combo Amps
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