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The resident evil 4 for gamecube 3 is sold out or discontinued. We found 46 related products.
Audio Interfaces - Resident Audio's T4 is the first ever bus-powered 4-channel Thunderbolt audio interface - a powerful breakthrough in both throughput and convenience. The T4 boasts high-quality mic preamps and converters; just add your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac (or approved PC running Windows), for virtually instant recording and playback with high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio and near-zero latency. The T4 ships with all necessary software drivers and a boatloads of cool features like its auto-detecting Multichannel Output Mode and Smart Monitoring, which automatically switches between stereo and mono depending upon input configuration. With its sheer power, flexible I/O, and compact form factor, the Resident Audio T4 is has you covered from club to stage to studio.Resident Audio T4 Thunderbolt Audio Interface Features at a Glance:Thunderbolt gives you power and convenience A robust feature set boosts your productivityFlexible I/O plays nice with the rest of your gearThunderbolt gives you power and convenience Sweetwater Sales Engineers are selling Thunderbolt by the truckload - and and with good reason. With massive throughput, flexibility, and convenience (compared to USB), Thunderbolt is rapidly becoming the interface of choice for discerning musicians, producers and engineers. The Resident Audio T4 leverages this awesome power to give you a compact, lightweight 4 x 4 interface with 24-bit/96kHz audio quality you can take anywhere. And best of all? The T4 is bus-powered, so it's just as convenient as USB.A robust feature set boosts your productivityResident Audio's T4 gives you the ultimate high-speed recording experience, with well-conceived controls designed for fast access. And it's packed with cool features like an input mix control that blends your live signal with computer playback. Each channel sports a dedicated input gain knob and a three-color wraparound LED signal indicator, letting you quickly set optimal levels, even in dimly lit performance environments. The easy-to-get-to Big Knob volume control sets the level of connected headphones as well as your overall monitor level. Flexible I/O plays nice with the rest of your gearThe Resident Audio T4 gives you A powerful feature set to boost your productivity. With four combo XLR-1/4 input jacks, you can plug in your microphones, instruments, and line-level devices. Phantom power is provided on all inputs for your condenser mics. You get four balanced TRS outputs for connection to speakers and external mixers, as well as dual headphone outputs. There's even MIDI I/O, which lets you use the T4 as an ultra-stable MIDI interface. Whether you're a musician, DJ, or producer, the Resident Audio T4 offers a smart combination of power, features, and flexibility. Resident Audio T4 Thunderbolt Audio Interface Features at a Glance:Near-zero latency for virtually instantaneous recording and playbackFour channels of I/O; support for high resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio Four combo XLR-1/4 inputs, each with input gain controls and three-color wraparound LEDsFour balanced TRS 1/4 outputs for connection to speakers and external mixersDedicated headphone output and secondary headphone outputInput mix control to blend live signal with computer playback Master Big Knob output control is easy to get to Smart Monitoring automatically switches between stereo and monoHigh-quality mic preamps and AD/DA converters Phantom power allows use of condenser microphonesBus-powered (no need for AC or batteries)Compatible with Thunderbolt equipped Mac and approved PCs running WindowsComes with all required software drivers and Thunderbolt cableLightweight, portable, and roadworthy aluminum/acrylic chassis The Resident Audio T4: Thunderbolt performance, USB convenience! Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces
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