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Size: 2.0 oz (60 ml) Prana Restore Nightly Moisturizer is an anti-aging cream that revitalizes dehydrated and dull skin. This evening moisturizer combines soy, ubinquinone, grape seed oil, alpha lipoic, lactic and glycolic acids to help repair sun damage, repair fine lines and make for more supple, radiant skin. Directions: Apply to clean dry face/neck. Use in PM to restore nutrients to skin. TIA Review by Phyllis: I am in my late forties and I have combination skin. I have fine lines around my eyes and lips and pronounced lines on my forehead. I wasnn++t sure what to expect from Prana Restore Nightly Moisturizer as I have never used products with marigold extract. Other ingredients include organic aloe vera gel, retinol, lactic acid, glycolic acid, ubiquinone and palmitoyl pentapeptide 3. I was unfamiliar with ubiquinone and palmitoyl pentapeptide 3 so I did a little research. Ubiquinone is a oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance present in most eukaryotic cells, primarily in the mitochondria. Palmitoyl pentapeptide is the trade name for Matrixyl, a fatty acid mixed with amino acids, so I was relatively relieved about these ingredients. I incorporated this product into my daily routine for four weeks. I washed my face as usual, and then, instead of my regular moisturizer, I used the Prana Restore. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell, which is very light and not at all like some other moisturizers I've tried, which are somewhat perfume-y. The product went on smoothly and was not greasy at all. It left my skin feeling very supple. My skin seemed to literally soak it up. After the first two weeks I was completely obsessed with this product. The fine lines around my eyes and lips smoothed out tremendously. It helped the lines on my forehead as much as was possible; the lines on my forehead are more pronounced than the lines around my eyes and lips so I was really impressed with this product. I would greatly recommend this product to anyone looking to relieve fine lines. Prana Restore is not a miracle product for getting rid of pronounced lines, but it definitely is a must-have product. Got Questions? Contact Us
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