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Draper Revelation The Revelation is totally different from traditional projector lifts and mounts. Other mounts typically lower the projector into the room from a ceiling recess, or lift it into the seating area from a table hideaway. The Revelation projector mount hides the projector—and its noise—above the ceiling all the time. You'll be astonished by what you see—and don't see— and don't hear—when your projector is mounted in a Revelation. You won't see or hear the projector—not before, during or after the show. You'll only see a hinged door in the ceiling. Also provides security for projector since it is always above the ceiling. Features: -How the Revelation Mount Works: Optional plenum housing includes an intake and exhaust fan system with 4'' couplers for connection to remote ventilation duct work..-Revelation A needs only 13-5/8'' of space above the ceiling, and Revelation B needs only 18''..-The Revelation's highly reflective dual first surface mirror system delivers a perfect picture to your screen at the touch of a switch or wireless controller..-The Revelation and all Draper motorized screens are compatible with your master control system..-The Revelation A and Revelation B are compatible with a wide variety of LCD/DLP projectors..-How the Revelation Mount Works: Single lens projector sits in a pan above the ceiling and projects its image onto a highly reflective first surface glass mirror, then to a second mirror on the door..-How the Revelation Mount Works: When the door is lowered into the room 17'' and at a 45° angle, the image is projected precisely onto the screen..-How the Revelation Mount Works: Can be independently operated using Draper's motorized lift controls..-How the Revelation Mount Works: Optional access doors are available for hard ceilings..-Note: Revelation orders require a completed planning sheet. Please call for information..-Mount Type: Ceiling mount.-Finish: White.-Ceiling Recessed: Yes.-Motorized: Yes -Wireless Remote Control: ..-Country of Manufacture: United States.Dimensions: -Product weight: 212 lbs.-Overall Product Weight: 212. Style: Model A, Plenum: Included
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Revelation is an exceptionally intimidating book for most ministers and this problem is compounded by the abusive ends to which the book has often been put. Yet, as Paige Patterson argues the people who sit in the pews are curious about Revelation, and it is the minister's or church leader's job to address that curiosity with courage and what Patterson calls moxie.To aid this endeavor, Patterson's Revelation in the New American Commentary series tackles the text by unpacking it pericope-by-pericope. Each pericope is easily accessible, makes arguments based on the Greek text, but presents those discussions using only the English. While the original languages are always useful, they are not necessary to access this commentary. While primary attention is given to the text, Paige does discuss scholarly matters. These, typically, are not of the technical exegetical type but rather deal in the theology derived from the text of Revelation. Thus, Paige's work makes an exegetical argument but does so to posit a theological stance about the book while leaving room for critical interaction from the reader. Paige's work also interacts critically with historic interpreters, drawing on them were useful while discerningly avoiding overly eccentric readings of Revelation. Therefore, Patterson's work is a mid-level, non-technical commentary accessible to teaching laity, ministers, and members with some background in formal biblical studies. Features of the NAC series:For the minister or Bible student who wants to understand and expound the ScripturesCommentary based on the New International Version (NIV) of ScriptureThe NIV text printed in the body of the commentarySound scholarly methodology that reflects capable research in the original languagesInterpretation that emphasizes the theological unity of each book and of Scripture as a wholeReadable and applicable exposition
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