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Knowing that Mother Nature follows her own agenda, we as late-season cyclists need to act accordingly. This means layering for the conditions at hand, which, even when done correctly, doesn't always mean we're going to be fully protected out there. Zero RH+ knows this too, which is why its designers worked on developing the ideal jacket for shielding us from the wet, cold, and windy conditions we'll undoubtedly find ourselves pedaling through this winter. It's been appropriately named the Storm Jacket, and it combines a fine-tuned fit with the latest weather-blocking materials to keep us comfortable and dry. For the construction of the Storm jacket, Zero RH+ used its Waterdry Gold material. This is a laminated, thermal fabric designed with the main objective of keeping you dry. As such, in addition to the water-blocking membrane, the fabric panels have all joined together with fully-taped seams, which ensure that water doesn't make its way to the inside. But unlike many materials that work to block the wind and snow, Waterdry is also exceptionally breathable. This means that as you work up a sweat underneath, the material effectively draws it through the membrane and deposits it on the outer layer where it quickly dries. As a result, you stay warm, dry, and comfortable on the inside. Along these same lines, Zero RH+ also added zippered vents at the front panel, furthering your comfort by letting you decide how much airflow circulates through the jacket. As for the Storm Jacket's fit, the body and sleeves have been pre-shaped and stitched on a contour of an anatomic form. This means that the cut has been coordinated to the predictability of your body's movements. So, when you move, the jacket moves with you, not against your layers underneath. The jacket's tall collar provides added coverage up top, and the long, drop-tail hem keeps wheel spray, rain, and snow from reaching your body. To provide extra visibility to motorists in low-light conditions, the jacket...
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