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The rome agent snowboard one color 152cm is sold out or discontinued. We found 307 related products.
Rome's ancient monuments and spectacular galleries - for centuries a major draw on the international tourism map - are looking more magnificent than ever after the restoration and beautification of recent years. Time Out Rome includes everything from Rome's ancient monuments and spectacular galleries to the sybaritic new Turkish baths and where to take gladiator lessons, as well as local advice on great restaurants and dodging tourist traps HIGHLIGHTS: -From the design to the ridiculous: the design hotel has finally hit Rome, but style doesn't come cheap; for budget travellers, we provide options including nunneries, campsites and a youth hostel squeezed between a high-security courtroom and the football stadium. -The lowdown on ancient Rome's martial machine, plus where to take gladiator lessons and where to be photographed with a latter-day legionnaire -Avoid Rome's legions of tourist-trap eateries and make for establishments hand-picked by leading restaurants critics. -They're a far cry from the baths of ancient Rome, but a slew of new Turkish baths has added to the sybaritic pleasures of the Eternal City. -Grand Tourists raved about the countryside around Rome; we provide extensive coverage of rural delights, from (more) ancient ruins to abandoned villages, lush gardens, mountain walks and sandy beaches. Alongside this facelift of the historic city, contemporary stars of the architectural firmament including Richard Meyer, Zaha Hadid, and Odile Decq are changing the face of 21st-century Rome; while in Renzo Piano's breathtaking Auditorium, the city's arts agenda has shifted into high gear with a packed program of world-class concerts embracing music for all tastes.
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Slash powder in the morning and rip the park in the afternoon with the medium-soft flex and catch-free feel of the Rome Women's Romp Snowboard. This directional twin is set-back approximately 20-millimeters (or 0. 78-inches) for extra float and stability when you're surf-slashing through powder and bombing down groomers. Most impressive is the Romp's NoHang-Ups Rocker. This flat-rocker hybrid profile is entirely flat underfoot with its diamond-shaped flat camber zone, which extends just 20-millimeters shy of the tip and tail contacts. The board then rises up with its 3D continuous curvilinear rocker at the tip and tail for catch-free carving and jibbing. This design works great for beginner-to-intermediate riders honing their carving skills, as the tip and tail contacts are kinked upward, keeping you from catching an edge when you're transitioning from edge-to-edge. Loaded with Rome's Pop Core Matrix, the Romp displays a smooth, responsive feel, thanks to two zones of lightweight wood. StraightBiax laminates allow for an easy-flexing torsional feel, making it great for messing around the park or simply initiating turns without added torsional stiffness getting in the way. Bambooster-Dual Inline tech infuses lots of snap for learning to send kickers or popping ollies around the mountain. Additionally, the board's QuickRip sidecut holds an edge in icy, hardpacked conditions without sliding out, while its extruded base is low maintenance, allowing you to skip a few waxes without paying the price with sluggish speed.
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