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The rossignol s2 ski women s one color 170cm is sold out or discontinued. We found 1147 related products.
From park hits to pow-shots, Rossignol's Sprayer skis have been central to the progression of freestyle skiing for over 10 years. The athlete-approved scratch has claimed more medals than any other ski in X-Games history. Rossignol's freestyle evolution continues with spin turn rocker, extended sidecut and enhanced durability to keep Rossignol's Sprayer Skis at the forefront of freeskiing. Smooth, easy spins and full-throttle boost in the park; playful smearing and ample floatation in the pow, Sprayer Skis go wherever your imagination takes you. Stomp the landing and see where it goes next.Key Features of the Rossignol Sprayer Skis: Sidecut: 110-80-103 Radius: 22.8 m (178) Spin Turn Rocker: for elite through intermediate skiers looking for optimum floatation and progressive, trick-oriented performance 100% full rocker (aka banana rocker) with no camber underfoot Full Rocker makes skis more playful, maneuverable and provides more float than any other rocker profile Increases maneuverability on groomed snow, in parks and especially in powder Extended Sidecut: Sidecut continues beyond contact point where the tip and tail rocker start As speeds and edge angles increase more sidecut is engaged for powerful full-length edge grip At lower speeds and edge angles sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and ease Jib tip: rounder tip profile is designed for pipe and park transitions and skiing switch Mini cap sandwich ultra-durable construction built with wood cores, 30 sidewalls, fiberglass and high-tech laminates Mini cap strengthens the top of the ski increasing durability 30 inclined sidewalls improve swing weight and reduce ski's overall weight, enhancing edging and durability
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Leave your mark on the mountain and lay tracks in new places. rossignol completely revolutionized powder skiing with its game- changing women's freeride skis. The women's s-series brought the surfy playfulness of powder skiing to the masses with its world-renowned blend of float and versatility. powder turn rocker delivers fatigue-free maneuverability, effortless steering and instant speed control, making powder skiing easier and more fun. Centered sidecut provides versatility and edging power not found in other wide-waisted, rockered skis. the women's s-series simply ups your game whether chasing private powder stashes, poaching backcountry pow, discovering the sidecountry, or surfing through secret glades. explore the boundaries and leave your mark... Key Features of the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis: Sidecut : 119-92-110 Radius : 23.0 m (170) Powder turn rocker: for: elite through intermediate skiers who want to maximize their experience in natural snow and deep powder 50% low camber underfoot50% high rocker at the tip and tail Camber underfoot delivers power, energy, and edge grip for performance on groomed snow High rocker tip delivers more floatation and effortless powder skiing High rocker tail is pin-shaped for easier steering in powder and instant speed control Centered sidecut: sidecut features a unique tapering of tip and tail with short sidecut directly underfoot Deep radius gives edge grip and power underfoot while short length of sidecut allows easy steering and playfulness Spoon tip: spoon shaped tip for maximum floatation Tip profile is tapered for effortless tracking in deep snow Sandwich laminate: wood cores with high tech laminates provide ultimate stability, power and durability Traditional sidewalls apply direct pressure to the edges for increased precision and edging power
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The idea that one fat ski can serve as your entire quiver isn't a new one, but Rossignol took the ball and ran with it into entirely new territory with the Soul 7. Versatility defines the Soul 7 and drives its unique engineering. Instead of metal, the Soul 7 has lightweight paulownia wood at its core for liveliness and pop. Gone are the heavy, floppy tips you find in most fat, rockered rides; here you'll find a honeycomb structure built into the tip and tail, a touch that drastically reduces swing weight and moves the mass of the ski under your foot for improved stability and edging control. Progressive rocker keeps the tip and tail floating above deep snow, although you'll find that the amount of rocker has been reduced slightly at the tip and more dramatically at the tail. There's no need to adjust your touch or change your approach when faced with new terrain because this ski does the majority of the work. Float through backcountry powder lines, drop hammers on the corduroy, and blast through chewed-up chunder with reckless abandon. With the introduction of the Soul 7, Rossignol has also renamed its rockered, freeride series from the S-series to the 7-series. For those familiar with the S7, the Squad 7, and the Smash 7, the Soul 7 feels similar to the controlled, smoothness of the S7 but has the precise edging and directional control of the S3. True powder snobs will rack the Soul 7 next to a mega-fat pow ski, but for everyone else, this ski is one you can mount with a high-din alpine binding for the resort or a free-heel touring binding for ditching the lift in search of the true soul turns.
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The future of women's freeride is here! A revolutionary fusion of backcountry, freestyle and freeride performance, the all-new 7 SERIES is the next progression of Rossignol's award-winning S-Series. Featuring new, athlete-driven innovation and design, the 7 Series brings the surfy playfulness of powder skiing to the masses. Powder Turn Rocker has been redesigned for even more effortless floatation, fatigue free steering and all-mountain versatility. Patented new Air Tip technology reduces swing weight for incredibly lightweight feel. A new ultra-lightweight core reduces ski weight by 20% for enhanced agility and easier touring. Whether chasing private powder fields, surfing through secret glades, or touring backcountry stashes, the 7 Series is the future of women's freeride.Key Features of the Rossignol Star 7 Skis: SIDECUT: 140-116-130 RADIUS: 20.8 m (188) SIZES: 162, 170, 178, 188 Centered Sidecut: features a unique tapering of tip and tail with short sidecut directly underfoot Deep radius gives edge grip and power underfoot while short length of sidecut allows easy steering and playfulness Air TIP: Patented air-honeycomb design, reinforced for durability and torsional rigidity Ultra-lightweight for reduced swing weight and enhanced maneuverability Ultra-lightweight, Paulownia wood core reduces weight by 20% Enhanced agility, maneuverability and easier touring Powerful downhill performance Diago fiber laminate Sandwich Laminate Wood cores with metal and/or high tech laminates provide ultimate stability, power and durability Traditional sidewalls apply direct pressure to the edges for increased precision and edging power free V.A.S. Increased stability, control and snow contact Smoothes rocker/camber transition, reducing “tip flap”
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Rossignol Experience 88 Skis - 2015 Rossignol All Mountain Skis The all-new EXPERIENCE 88 is a new benchmark in all-mountain versatility and performance for expert all-mountain skiers. With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and effortless freeride feel, the new Experience 88 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol's award-winning Air Tip technology, and longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control, delivering elevated all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker, our most versatile rocker/camber blend, provides powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control while Rossignol's patented, lightweight Air Tip technology enhances floatation and control even further, keeping tips afloat through variable snow while providing instant turn initiation on hardpack and groomers. It's racing DNA meets freeride. Precision and power meets effortless float. It's everything you need for the ultimate one-ski-quiver. The entire mountain awaits - Experience More. Skill Level: The Rossignol Experience 88 is recommended for advanced to expert level skiers with aggressive and ambitious tendencies. Conditions: The 2015 Experience 88 skis exceptional well, both on-piste and off-piste terrain - rated 50% off-trail, 50% on-trail. Construction: The Rossignol Experience 88 uses a full wood core, with Sandwich Construction featuring two layers of Basalt. Design: The 2015 Rossignol Experience 88 has an Auto Turn Rocker design, consisting of a high traditional camber underfoot and a slight rocker at the tip and tail. This holds a secure grip on the snow for on-piste performance, while delivering an almost power-steering effect for effortless control and versatility off-piste. Extra Info: Style Number - RADED02 Shop all of our 2015 Rossignol Skis ! We carry tons of Rossignol All Mountain skis like the Rossignol Soul 7 Skis, Rossignol Squad 7 Skis, Rossignol Experience 98 and 78 skis and much more!
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