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The book begins with the voice of a premature embryo speaking from the womb. The story chronicles events, consequences, results and outcomes of the unexpected. This is a book with a purpose, written to instill a promise of hope to families struggling with disabilities and targeted to a society influenced by feeling, sympathy and curiosity. Faiths and strengths from family members influencing and becoming influenced by the birth and development of a special needs little girl, following her through a journey of life, are told through photographs and special accounts supporting a particular purpose, giving significance to the spirit of a challenged life. Inspiration comes from the knowledge of countless children born too soon for their families to expect help through support organizations. It comes from knowledge of cruelty in an uneducated society many decades ago, looking upon the special needs members of our communities as wasted and unwanted, forcing them to live in institutions. Inspiration comes from the work of Eunice Kennedy Schriver, realizing the compassion and conscious emotion of the special needs, and working to provide training and sports through the Special Olympics. Written to instill a promise of hope for families having experienced the initial overwhelming shock of hearing their child has developmental disabilities, Ryan's World means to give support through the toughest of times. The book, meant to give a spirit of compassion and optimism to the disabled reminds them of incredible opportunities available to make a difference in a life once thought of as unessential. The book, written by one, who has shared the anxiety and heartache, and importance of belonging in the world of a family member with a particular purpose, bringing delight, joy, happiness and inspirational vision of life's significance in a world of tumult.
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