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The salomon xa pro 3d mid gtx shoes for women is sold out or discontinued. We found 1161 related products.
Some say the Salomon S-Lab Skate Boot was designed in a secret underwater laboratory by fugitive Martian scientists. We couldn't possibly comment on that rumor, but we can say plenty about the S-Lab, Salomon's high-end skate boot. Lighter than even the top-of-the-line S-Lab Pro, the Skate has a carbon 3D chassis and an underfoot carbon skating plate, which work together to provide superior torsional rigidity and power transmission while minimizing weight. The sole features Salomon's RS17 technology, which moves the front axis of the famous double pivot 17mm behind the front of the boot, putting it under the forefoot to keep the ski tighter to your foot for increased control and responsiveness. When you're going full-out V2 across the flats or crushing the ups, you don't want a soft cuff that soaks up energy and lets your ankle flop around. To that end, Salomon's 3D Energyzer provides lateral ankle support, while allowing your foot and ankle to relax, reducing tiredness. It also functions as a spring, compressing when weighted and rebounding when unweighted to drive the ski forward and lift the tip for a drag-free step and quicker ski return. You won't sweat the downhills, either, thanks to the full-length guide ridge, which aligns with the groove in the Skate's outsole to lock your foot in place, providing top-class stability. The S-Lab also offers unparalleled fit, thanks to foam that will naturally mold to your foot as you wear the boot. A 100mm racing last closes with the Quicklack system, a hook-and-loop strap hugs the ankle, and you can fine-tune heel hold with an adjustable strap in the rear of the boot. To keep you warm, dry, and focused on racing, the diagonal-zip lace cover has bonded seams to repel water.
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If you wanted life to be easy, you would have been an alpine skier, sitting in a $600 down jacket and riding lifts to the top of the hill. But what's fun about easy? You, instead, opted to wear paper-thin spandex in sub-zero temperatures and barf on yourself in pursuit of a few extra seconds. Luckily, you've got a trusty sidekick in this self-flagellation: the Salomon S-Lab Skate Cold ski, designed to excel on days when the snow is frozen solid and your nose is trying to run off your face and hide under your hat. The camber is specifically designed to perform in cold-snow conditions, thanks in part to the stiff Nomex honeycomb core, which is wrapped with a carbon fiberglass laminate and sandwiched between wood sidewalls, all designed to transfer every bit of energy you put into the ski into powerful forward momentum. It's also engineered to balance pressure evenly between the front and back of the ski, using a full-length carbon laminate to stiffen things up, keeping your foot off the ground as much as possible for improved glide, kick, and acceleration. All that technology is useless without a top-class base to turn energy into on-snow speed, so Salomon hooked the Skate Cold up with the G5 Zeolit cold base, a World Cup race base with an additive that offers top-level wax retention and glide in cold conditions, and is specifically structured for cold snow using Salomon's Digital Grinding Measurement system. And as a special treat, they send the Skate Cold out with a factory wax and protective foil covering, meaning all you have to do is peel off the foil and give your new skis a quick brush before hitting the trail and getting your suffer on.
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