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The scott s selection old pulteney 1977 750ml is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Motocross/Dirtbike Goggle Lenses, Scott brings versatility to the 80 Series goggle line by offering interchangeable lenses that equip your goggles for any terrain or light condition.The Scott 80 Series Works lenses are 0.030 polycarbonate hard-coated with Lexan&#174 to provide a durable lens with great optical clarity.The 80 Series Works lens features tear-off posts built-in for easy tear-off operation.Scott 80 Series Works Lens Details:Amp Blue: Visual clarity in most light conditions.Amp Rose: Improved depth perception in all weather, especially mildly cloudy or flat-light conditions. Light transmission: 47%. Filter category: 1.Yellow: Increases depth of field and visual clarity in overcast conditions with low or flat light. Light transmission: 71%. Filter category: 1.Light Sensitive: Improved depth perception in all weather, especially mildly cloudy or flat light conditions. Anti-fog coating.Clear Anti-fog: Maximum visible light transmission in all weather conditions, late afternoon and night riding. Anti-fog coating. Light transmission: 90%. Filter category: 0.Clear Anti-stick: Maximum visible light transmission, all weather conditions. Prevents Works Roll-Off film from sticking to lens. For use in muddy / wet conditions. Light transmission: 90%. Filter category: 0.Grey: Neutral tint to reduce eye strain in strongly alternating sunny / shadowed conditions. Light transmission: 49%. Filter category: 1.Grey Gradient: Special gradient to relieve fatigue and eye strain for long concentrated rides in direct sunlight.Blue Chrome: Great option for sunny to medium light days; the blue chrome coating reduces glare on this exceptionally contrasting lens. Light transmission: 21%. Filter category: 2.Silver Chrome: Great option for sunny to medium light days; the silver chrome coating reduces glare on this exceptionally contrasting lens. Light transmission: 27%. Filter category: 2.Scott has always been committed to innovation. The introduction of the Works System once again demonstrates that commitment. The Works System is a complete vision system using the same lens for either the Works Tear-offs or the Works Roll-Off Film System. By utilizing an identical mounting system, the Works System lens allows for hassle-and-tool-free conversion from the Works Roll-Off Film System to the Works Tear-offs System and back.Using the same mounting system as the Works Roll-Off Film System, the Works Tear-off System also has a number of advancements over conventional tear-offs. Factory installed pins result in Dirt Bike
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Fathead wall graphics are constructed from tough, tear and fade-resistant vinyl and feature high-resolution 3D graphics. Fatheads use a low-tack adhesive and can be moved and reused without damaging surfaces. Also includes smaller decals. Scott Gomez Fathead will look great in your son or daughters room. This Scott Gomez Fathead will also look great in your man-cave. A fathead is a great way to decorate your walls, this Scott Gomez Fathead is also great because it is reusable and restickable almost anywhere. It is best to put this Scott Gomez Fathead on a smooth surface because it will stick to a smooth surface a lot better than a rough surface. Scott Gomez Fathead also comes with several smaller wall graphics to help add some more fun to your wall design. The best way to put your Scott Gomez Fathead is to get a couple of your friends to help, be careful because although you fathead has a low-tack adhesive that can be moved and reused without any damage to your wall, fatheads do like to stick to themselves and will not come apart again without some effort. Our selection of fatheads, standees, walljammers, and standups are second to none, so whether you are looking for a Scott Gomez Fathead or a standup you have come to the right place. Please keep in mind that this Scott Gomez Fathead is made to order and takes 5-6 business days to be printed before it can ship to you. Learn how to hang your Wall Decal Scott Gomez Fathead Montreal Canadiens Main graphic is 4' 1 wide x 6' 1 tall Constructed from tough, tear and fade-resistant vinyl Feature high-resolution 3D graphics Fatheads use a low-tack adhesive and can be moved and reused without damaging surfaces Includes smaller decals Allow 5-6 business days for manufacturing Made in the USA Hockey, SportsAthlete Decals
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Creative jib lines, one-footed airs, and imaginative freestyle shenanigans beckon when you're strapped into the Capita Scott Stevens Pro Model Snowboard. Tailored to Scott Stevens' love of jibbing, jumping, and bonking everything in sight, this snowboard is designed to propel your shred skills to the level of freestyle genius with its mid-flexing feel and true twin shape. Slightly stiffer than Capita's Indoor Survival, the Scott Stevens Pro is right at home shredding park and street setups, yet unlike most jib-specific decks, it's actually awesome for cruising and all-mountain riding. Providing flat camber underfoot for stability when you're charging groomers and blasting through the park, the board's Freestyle FK profile is about as versatile as it gets. Just outside the binding inserts, the board rockers up for catch-free jibbing, as well as added float through untracked snow. Additionally, you'll find the board's flat nose and tail kicks to be slightly elongated (Flat Kick Tech) for enhanced presses and butters, thanks to a tighter sidecut radius and shorter effective edge blended with the deck's elevated/rockered contact points. Inside this freestyle junkie's guts, you'll find Capita's DS Select RFC Sustainable Dual core for a smooth, consistent flex without any irregularities or finger joints. This core consists of poplar wood with beech under the binding inserts for beefed-up durability from heavy landings on jibs and street rails. 4 x Carbon Fiber Load Bars add response for sending jumps and sticking landings, while the board's full-perimeter cork/rubber dampening dissipates vibration when you're grinding everything in sight. And the Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed base keeps you flying when you're gapping onto handrails, buttering down the mountain, and spinning off every hit like 'Sleepy' himself (well, at least you can try!).
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Shop for Fishing Knives, Tools and Storage from! Add the calming sound of bubbling water to your pond with the Display Aerator Water Fountain. Aerator adds oxygen to your pond to keep it healthierIdeal unit for controlling algae maintaining water clarityShoots a trumpet-shaped spray 7 to 9 feet moves 400 gallons of water per minuteAvailable in 1/2 HP 115 or 230 voltPropeller activated comes with 70 feet of electrical cordThree different discs allow you to adjust diameter of spray from 10 to 20 feetConstructed with rugged high-density polyurethane and stainless steelEnvironmentally-friendly oil-free motors no chance of oil leaksMotors feature a water-lubricated carbon-bearing systemFive-year unconditional motor warranty!1/2 HP models have a spray height of 7 - 9 feet1 1/2 HP models have a spray height of 8-10 feet1/2 HP models require a minimum water depth of 32 inches1 1/2 HP models require a minimum water depth of 42 inchesWhat We Like About the Display Aerator Water FountainThis unit looks lovely while it adds oxygen to the water which keeps your water cleaner and healthier for fish. It will also prevent surface and bottom growth while inhibiting mosquito breeding. With an adjustable aerator you can alter the distance that the fountain sprays. You have the option to add lighting and colors to make your water truly magical at night. The aerators are both self-contained and self-floating and ship complete with a float. This unit has a durable build and the unconditional five-year motor warranty certainly ensures its quality.Easy to Install:1. Simply secure mooring lines (not supplied; we suggest you purchase nylon clothes line at a local store) to the eye bolts under the float.2. Float the fountain or aerator out to the desired spot and secure the lines to shore or to cement blocks in the pond spacing them at least 25 feet apart. In winter during freezing temperatures remove fountain or aerator from water.Everyone will enjoy the sound of the Display Aerator Water Fountain your water will look cleaner and much more impressive.
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