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The selle lookin relaxed cool xsenium bi color actex bike saddle women is sold out or discontinued. We found 1271 related products.
The Selle Italia SLR Max Gel Flow Saddle is proof that a happy medium exists between razor-thin racing saddles and an over-padded pseudo-sofa. Building on the legacy of the mid-width SLR shape, this saddle prioritizes comfort with an anatomic cutout, gel padding, and built-in shock absorbers. So, if you need a smoother ride from your saddle, this perch provides it. The foundation of the SLR is its nylon composite shell, with its 'composite' designation being derived from its 10% carbon fiber content. Essentially, this mix provides the shell with a boost of support, while still providing a natural level of flex for comfort. However, as it does share SLR designation, it dimensions vary from the boilerplate 131mm width and 275mm length to a 145mm width and a 275mm length. It also differs is in its level of padding. Selle Italia ranks this saddle as an 'L3' in its Identity Matching System, meaning that it possesses a similar level of firmness to SLR Super Flow and the Max Flite Gel Flow saddles. In terms of padding, you'll find that the SLR is quite ample. In fact, the L3 designation is reserved purely for comfort. And, in addition to this, Selle Italia also gave the SLR a shock absorber. This makes it ideal for those with large-width sit bones and high pelvic rotation. And for anyone who also prefers a medium-profile design, the SLR has one of the higher measures from rail to top-of-cover in the Selle Italia line (57mm). Further differentiating itself, the Max Gel Flow features an ample-sized cutout along the center-channel of the saddle. As a result, that pressure is directed to your sit bones (ischial tuberosity), which are far more adept at supporting your body weight. Additionally, they're able to do so without causing numbness during long rides. This principle is further supported by the wide cut out, as it removes pressure from the sensitive nerves in the region. For example,the pudendal nerve is a paired structure, with a left and right nerve. It is f...
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Finding the perfect saddle is an overwhelming experience, especially when a rock-hard racing saddle is too little, and most 'women's saddles' are little more than over-padded bar stools. For this very reason, Selle Italia created the Lady Gel Flow Saddle. Essentially, it strikes an ideal balance between the aforementioned extremes. So, whether you're happiest on winding roads or dusty singletrack, this saddle will be just right. Comfort was the primary concern with the Lady Gel Flow, so Selle Italia employed a nylon base that blends support with a comfortable flex. Aiding in the comfort factor is the shape, which combines a generous 160mm tail width with a medium 262mm overall length. The result is a saddle that supports your sit bones, without being so wide that it gets in the way when you're pedaling. Furthering this theme of targeted support, a pressure relief channel runs down the middle in order to direct your body's weight to your sit bones. Why? Well, because the sit bones are far more adept than your soft tissues at supporting your body's weight. For further comfort, Selle Italia incorporated a layer of gel underneath the hard-wearing Lorica cover. Basically, this protective buffer cancels out much of road vibration. But, unlike those terrible gel seat covers that you may have seen, the gel used here is thin. So, it provides plenty of support, even after long days in the saddle. Supporting the entire saddle are Selle Italia's Manganese Tube rails. These rails are both strong and lightweight. So strong, in fact, that Selle Italia rates this saddle for off road use. And no matter where your ride takes you, the vibration absorbers in the aft of the saddle will take away the sting. So, you're able to ride this saddle pretty much anywhere, and it will be equally at home. The Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle is available in a 160x262mm size and in the colors Black and White.
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