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The sessions glove vivid is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Bass Guitars - The Schecter Stiletto-4 Session left-handed bass gives you big bass in a cool, stripped-down package. The aged natural look shows off a sweet swamp ash body and maple neck. If you're not into flamed, figured, hoity-toity tops and gaudy bling, then this is the bass for you. You'll love the pair of EMG pickups and the 3-band active EQ; this setup lets you conjure practically any kind of bass tone you want - and plenty of it. Top-grade components keep this bass in stable tune, for worry-free performance. To quote one of our favorite ship captains, She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts! Check out the Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass today!Schecter Stiletto-4 Session Left-handed Bass Guitar at a Glance:A quality bass with stripped-down looksHumbucking EMG pickups deliver hot bass tonesPowerful 3-band EQ lets you dial in the perfect toneA quality bass with stripped-down looksSometimes less is more, and the Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass is no exception. The stripped-down cosmetics give this bass a no-frills look, but nothing could be further from the truth. Schecter loaded this beast with a pair of EMG pickups and an 18-volt 3-band active EQ, so you can nail every tone under the sun. The rugged hardware is ready for all the abuse you can dish out. The black hardware and fretboard inlays, played against the natural finish of the Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass, give this bass a cool look that will command attention at any gig.Humbucking EMG pickups deliver hot bass tonesThis bass is ready for a workout. Schecter put a pair of EMG pickups in the Stiletto-4 Session bass to make sure it could handle anything that was thrown at it. The EMG 35DC (Dual Coil) uses parallel coils and an ultra-low-noise preamp to give you premium performance with very low noise. For more midrange growl and punch, Schecter included the EMG 35J in the bridge position. Take it from Sweetwater's bass players, these EMG pickups deliver big bass tones while being extremely quiet. No matter what type of gig or session you're at, the Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass has the tones you need.Powerful 3-band EQ lets you dial in the perfect toneWhen you need a specific tone for a session, there's nothing like an active EQ. The Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass sports a powerful 18-volt 3-band EQ that gives you more headroom and a smoother low end. From funk to jazz to nu-metal, the Stiletto-4 Session's EQ has the tone-sculpting power you need in a bass.Schecter Stiletto-4 Session Left-handed Bass Guitar Features:Comfortable contoured swamp ash body with stripped-down cosmeticsActive EMG pickups deliver a broad range of toneActive 18-volt 3-band EQ circuit lets you dial in the perfect bass soundSchecter Custom string-through-body/top-load bridgeGrover bass tunersCommand the low end at any gig with the Schecter Stiletto-4 Session bass! Left-handed Bass Guitars
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Snare Drums - The Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum features a 6-ply birch/kapur wood snare. This snare offers a warm, balanced tone that is perfect for stage and studio. Built-in, chrome Super Hoop II rims and double-ended lugs complement the natural finish. There's also an SR-017 strainer with a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact and incredible response at all playing levels. Count on the Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum for great-sounding snare performance at every gig!Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum at a Glance:Ideal tonewoods for drumsPearl hardware for increased playability and soundWorld-class drum products for a wide spectrum of world-class playersIdeal tonewoods for drumsKapur is a relatively new wood to the world of drum making. It is twice as dense as mahogany and produces a tone that is warm, dry, soft, and mild. Add this to the classic sound of birch, and you have a solid-sounding snare. You'll find it ideal for studio work and onstage. This birch/kapur snare produces a very balanced sound that your microphones will love. Add the uniquely voiced Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum to your kit today.Pearl hardware for increased playability and soundBesides sporting great-sounding kapur hoops, the Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum has a ton of great features Pearl players expect and demand. The birch/kapur Snare has a 6.5 body depth that delivers exceptional power. Other features include the drum's SR-017 strainer. It sports a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact, using minimal tension. The end result is a superior snare response at all playing levels.World-class drum products for a wide spectrum of world-class playersFrom rock to funk, country to punk, Latin, world music, and beyond, Pearl drum products are played by the best. Artists such as Omar Hakim, Frank Vilardi, Chad Smith, Tico Torres, Stanley Randolph, Billy Thomas, and many, many more choose Pearl drums to showcase their world-class talents. Whether you're a touring pro or a beginning player, Pearl has drums to suit you. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and find out more about the Pearl products we carry.Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum Features:Made using Session Formula birch/kapur 6-ply shellsSuperHoop II rims help open up the tonal characteristics of this snareSR-017 strainer with vertical pull action for great head-to-snare contactPearl quality and reliabilityAdd the unique sound of kapur to your drum kit with the Pearl Session Studio Classic Birch/Kapur Snare Drum!
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Electric Guitars - The Godin Session Custom Triple Play solidbody electric guitar and wireless MIDI controller will rock your world. A pair of superb Godin pickups crank out an avalanche of tone, but the major news here is that this axe is packing integrated Fishman Custom TriplePlay technology with a wireless USB receiver and a hexaphonic pickup, which turns it into a wireless guitar controller. It's time to give you Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call and have a frank discussion about what the Godin Session Custom Triple Play can do for your music! Godin Session Custom Triple Play at a Glance:Integrated Fishman Custom TriplePlay technologyRock All Night in Complete ComfortGodin: pro-quality instruments loaded with innovationsIntegrated Fishman Custom TriplePlay technologyThe Godin Session Custom Triple Play is an incredible guitar without the Fishman Custom TriplePlay system, but when you factor in this state-of-the-art technology and consider what it can do for your music, you've got a paradigm shift of major proportions. The TriplePlay system consists of an onboard wireless transmitter and a USB receiver you plug into your computer, giving you six separate signals from the guitar's onboard hexaphonic pickup that are routed wirelessly into your DAW. Imagine, for example, instantiating six Thors in Reason, with six different (but complimentary) patches. OK, now you've got 18 oscillators cranking, complete with filtration and a boatload of modulation, for a massive super-synth sound. Now imagine combining that with the output from the Session Custom's magnetic pickups. Finally, imagine you're doing all this live, onstage. Now you're thinking along the same lines we are.Rock all night in complete comfortWith a lightweight, contoured basswood body, generous cutaway, and speedy maple neck, the Session Custom lets you rock all night in complete comfort. For your whammying pleasure, Godin's Tru-Loc vibrato lets you customize the arm position to suit your playing style.Godin: pro-quality instruments loaded with innovationsSince the early 1970s, Godin has been crafting pro-quality instruments loaded with innovations. Whether you're a session pro or a re-creational player, Godin has a guitar built to suit you perfectly. You'll love the clean lines, the exceptionally comfortable playing feel, and the exquisite tone you get from a Godin guitar. You get it all: classic craftsmanship, modern features, and amazing tonality. Here's your chance to get your hands on a pro-quality guitar!Godin Session Custom Triple Play Features:Canadian Laurentian basswood body; 25.5 scaleRock maple neck; 12-radius fingerboardOne Godin humbucker; one Godin Custom Cajun single-coil pickupHex pickup; Fishman Custom TriplePlay wireless MIDI systemGodin Tru-Loc vibrato systemIncludes VBGSE gig bagThe Godin Session Custom Triple Play: it's a whole new ballgame! Solidbody Guitars
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