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Shadow Man  (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Mike Leroi is the world's only hope against Armageddon. Mama Nettie, a powerful voodoo sorceress, has had a vision of the coming Apocalypse -- the day that the dead will rise up from Deadside and walk the earth, conquering Liveside. Mama Nettie's only defense for the world from the coming onslaught is the Shadow Man.<br><br>The Shadow Men were ancient African warriors who were blessed by the gods and given supernatural powers. They protected their tribes from the spiritual plane known as Deadside. As time passed, the tribes were eventually broken up and the Shadow Men's lineage almost faded from existence. In the eighteenth century, using the power of the New World gods, Mama Nettie crafted the Mask of Shadows. The mask would allow its wearer to summon the ancient power of the Shadow Men and become the most powerful voodoo champion the world has seen.<br><br>Mama Nettie has chosen the next Shadow Man to protect the world. His name is Mike Leroi. After flunking out of his English Literature courses at college and spending all of his remaining money on drinking and gambling, Leroi moved to Chicago to drive a taxi and hide his failure from his family. One fateful day a passenger in Leroi's taxi is killed in a gang related execution. Discovering that the murdered man left $20,000 in the back of his taxi, Leroi moved back with his family in New Orleans and spent the money on them. <br><br>The gang tracked Leroi to New Orleans and began issuing death threats against him. Leroi sought out a voodoo priest and asked for protection against the gang. The priest complied and Leroi went on his way. Shortly after, the gang staged a drive-by shooting and targeted Leroi's car, which had his family in it as well as Leroi himself. His entire family was killed, yet Leroi lived on. The priest's spell seemed to work, though at a terrible price. Unknown to Leroi, the protection is also a curse, which will cause Leroi to become his zombie slave.<br><br>After recovering from a coma, Leroi lost his memory and served only the priest, acting as an underworld assassin for him. Yet Mama Nettie, having chosen Leroi as the next Shadow Man, entered the priest's domain one night and took Leroi into a back room where she forcibly implanted the Mask of Shadows into his chest turning him into the Shadow Man. <br><br>Leroi, now under Mama Nettie's control, must travel between Liveside and Deadside as Shadow Man. He must face Legion and his army of lunatics and serial killers in a battle to save Liveside and protect the world from the Apocalypse. <br><br>While roaming around Liveside, Leroi has the ability to use different weapons such as a handgun, shotgun, and machine gun. Being ambidextrous, Leroi can use a weapon or item in each hand. Other actions that can be performed are sniping, strafing, crouching, jumping, and swimming. While in Deadside, Shadow Man can perform similar actions to those on Liveside, but instead of regular guns he uses the Shadow Gun -- a wraith-spitting weapon -- and Voodoo to dispose of his enemies.

Shadow Man (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)


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pros: A dark and intresting story line.

cons: Alittle hard to follow.

Man in the shadow.

This is first of all one of the weirdest games that I have ever played. What I mean by weird is that... See Full Review



pros: Great Story Line, Graphics, Great Monsters.

cons: Sound, Not a good choice of weapons.

If you like Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider, then you will love this!!!!!!!!

Shadow Man, a fantastic game, what makes this game so fantastic is it&#39;s storyline. The storyline is... See Full Review



pros: Great grafics, gameplay, and plot

cons: TOOOOOO long

Very hard, but very fun

Shadow man is a game that takes place in a world of voodoo and demons. Your job in the game is to st... See Full Review



pros: Long levels, Detailed graphics

cons: everything is dark and sad and spooky

Strange, But Kinda Fun

Shadowman is one of the wierdest games I have ever played. The basic premise of this game is to go a... See Full Review



pros: long, meaty quest

cons: boring, a bit too dark at times

A Solid Adventure Title

Although Shadowman is one of the first adventure games on the Dreamcast, and has the stigma of being... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, sound,great voice acting.

cons: skips frames sometimes

Shadow Man

A Tomb Raider esque game with a dark story, cool weapon concepts and an atmosphere full of dread...&lt;... See Full Review



pros: tight control, scary sound, lush environments

cons: long load times, scary sound

The Dark Souls are Mine...

Let me start off by explaining that I did not purchase this game. It was loaned to me a very long ti... See Full Review



pros: good spooky fun

cons: not much

For we are many...

Imagine what the world would be like if the most twisted, demented killers ever to live took over wi... See Full Review



pros: graphics, sound, detail, story

cons: gameplay, depth, load times

Shadow Man?? The Next Soul Reaver??

Shadow man is very detailed, the graphics are outragious and very damb good, the sound is pretty dam... See Full Review



pros: Great Story, Humorous, Great action and controls

cons: Very large game area, Hard to navigate. Difficult to find

Wicked, Evil and Delicious

The Shadowman, lord of Deadside, is a fantastic story. It has an innovative theme that explains... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Game Special Features <li>Based on the Shadow Man comic book<br/><br/><li>Stalk criminals in the land of the living and the land of the dead<br/><br/><li>Detroy evil with shotguns, sub machine guns and voodoo magic<br/><br/>
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1999
ESRB Descriptor Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence
Key Features
Rating M - Mature
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Sega Dreamcast
Product Identifiers
UPC 021481831419
Game Shadow Man
MPN 021481831419
Other Features
Brand Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.