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The shun 2 pc. classic paring knife and cutting board set is sold out or discontinued. We found 881 related products.
Paring & Peeling Knives - Once you experience the razor-sharp precision and complete cutting control of the Shun Premier 4“ Paring Knife, you'll rely on this Japanese handcrafted parer just about every time you cook. Indispensible for peeling, trimming and making decorative cuts in vegetables and fruits, the Shun Premier paring knife quickly chops and dices smaller foods like shallots, chives and garlic. The Shun proprietary VG-MAX core blade with 68 outer layers (34 per side) of stainless-steel holds an incredibly sharp edge longer. The hammered tsuchime finish features a hollow-ground pattern that reduces drag and prevents foods from sticking to the blade. Shun Premier knives are stain- and rust-resistant with a razor-sharp beveled edge for superior cutting performance. The walnut PakkaWood handle is infused with a water-resistant resin and contours to comfortably nestle in the hand. Beautiful Shun paring knives take at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete and resemble hand-forged knives of ancient J - Specifications Material: Proprietary VG-MAX steel, walnut PakkaWood Model: TDM0700 Size: 4“L blade (8 1/2“L with handle) Weight: 2 1/2 oz. Made in Japan Use and Care Your Shun Premier paring knife should be hand washed. Simply wipe clean with a wet cloth and dishwashing detergent. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately. Dry from the knife handle toward the blade. To prevent slight tarnishing, be sure to remove acidic foods (lemon, mustard, ketchup, etc.) from the blade after use. If blade should show some signs of staining, clean with a nonabrasive metal polish. Occasionally, your Shun Premier paring knife may require professional sharpening to maintain the razor-sharp cutting edge. Shun will sharpen your knife for free, you simply pay for postage. It is best to store Shun Premier knives in a knife block or in-drawer knife tray.
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The handmade Shun Classic nakiri is shaped like a cleaver for chopping, slicing, and mincing fresh fruits and vegetables. Sharp, durable and corrosion-resistant, the razor-sharp blade helps you cut the thinnest of slices without bruising or tearing delicate foods. Crafted in Seki City, Japans historical center for manufacturing samurai swords, Shun knives are heirs to a seven-century tradition of superior craftsmanship.Manufacturer: ShunMaterial: High-carbon stainless steel, pakkawoodCare: Hand wash onlyUse: While shaped like a cleaver, this knife is not meant to cut bone or other extremely hard materialsDimensions: 4 bladeWarranty: Limited lifetime warrantyMade in JapanFEATURESConstructed using the same traditional kasumi methods used to craft samurai swordsHigh-density VG-MAX steel core provides incredible sharpness and is tempered to a Rockwell hardness between 60 and 61 for incredible edge retentionCutting edge is ground to a 16 angle on each side, making it one of the sharpest knives you?ll ever useTakes and keeps an ultra-sharp edge without the need for excessive re-sharpeningEach side of the VG-MAX steel core is clad with 16 layers of beautiful Damascus steel for added strength, stain resistance and incredible cutting performancePerfectly balanced blade offers precise controlD-shaped pakkawood handle provides a comfortable, secure gripNSF-certified for use in professional kitchensFree sharpening on all Shun cutlery for as long as you own it. Click for details
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Cutlery Sets - Your kitchen prep will be even more efficient with two of the most versatile knives on the planet in the 2-Piece Shun Sora Knife Set. The Shun Sora chef's knife is lightweight and agile featuring an all-purpose blade for a variety of kitchen prep tasks -- dicing, chopping and slicing fruits, vegetables, meats and other foods. The Asian-style blade with its less-curved midsection is ideal for efficient chopping and slicing while the curved tip enables rocking cuts of fresh herbs and spices into a fine mince. Considered the essential kitchen knife, the chef's knife contacts the cutting board along more of the blade length than a Western-style chef's knife.Compact in size to give you full control of the ultra-sharp tip and blade edge, the Shun knife set's 3 1/2“ paring knife does its best work peeling, coring, trimming and making decorative cuts. Also an ideal knife for chopping smaller fruits and vegetables like limes, radishes, ginger and garlic cloves. The lightweight paring knif - Specifications Made in Japan Material: Composite of VG10 san mai edge/420J Japanese stainless-steel, textured PP/TPE polymer with embossed stainless-steel logo Model: VBS0200 6“ Chef's Knife Size: 6“ blade (11 1/4“L with handle) Weight: 2 oz. 3 1/2“ Paring Knife Size: 3 1/2“ blade (8 1/4“L with handle) Weight: 2 oz. Use and Care Your Shun Sora knife set should be hand washed. Simply wipe clean with a wet cloth and dishwashing detergent. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately. Carefully dry from blade spine to edge, making sure to dry the edge very thoroughly.. To prevent slight tarnishing, be sure to remove acidic foods (lemon, mustard, ketchup, etc.) from the blade immediately after use. If blade should show some signs of staining, clean with a nonabrasive metal polish. To help your Shun knives retain their edge longer, use an appropriate cutting surface. Wood and polypropylene boards are excellent cutting surface
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A convenient addition to any cutlery collection, this user-friendly bread knife by Shun features a serrated blade that measures 9 inches long. Use the knife to effortlessly slice anything from rustic artisan breads and baguettes to dessert items like angel food cake or chocolate tart. The knife creates clean cuts with no tearing or crushing of food to worry about. Overall, the bread knife measures approximately 14-1/5 by 4/5 by 1-1/2 inches.As part of Shun's Premier line, the knife features a VG10 steel blade, clad with 32 layers of stainless Damascus, then beveled for lateral stability and incredible precision. Its hand-hammered finish not only adds intriguing visual appeal, but it also creates a hollow-ground surface, which reduces knife-drag when cutting and prevents food from sticking to the blade. The knife also comes equipped with a premium Pakkawood handle in a walnut finish, which offers a comfortable, secure grip. As a sleek and stylish finishing touch, Shun embossed its logo on the end cap of the knife's handle. The high-quality knife can safely go in the dishwasher, but for best results, washing it by hand and letting it air dry is recommended. The knife carries a limited lifetime warranty.From the ManufacturerGorgeous hammered-finish blade with PakkaWood handle.Premier SeriesWhy Buy Shun PremierCalling to mind the handcrafting techniques of ancient Japan, the Shun Premier possesses the grace and beauty of hand-forged knives of old. Every blade is made of VG10 steel, clad with stainless Damascus, then ground for lateral stability and incredible precision. Where the steels meet, a wavy line called a Hamon is formed--similar to when samurai swords are tempered using a clay-baking technique. The striking hammered finish (Tsuchime in Japanese) acts as a series of hollow-ground cavities, reducing drag when cutting as well as quickly releasing food from the blade. The rich walnut PakkaWood handles nestle comfortably in the hand, and the Shun logo embossed on
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