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Sim Theme Park  (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)

Have you ever wanted to own an amusement park? Now's your chance with SIM THEME PARK. Start with a small park, and try to build it into the largest and most popular park in the city. You must decide what to install: new rides, attractions, food booths, and souvenir stands, and where to put them. There is also the opportunity to determine what kind of landscaping the park needs. And if you really want to micromanage, you can hire and fire staff, determine their salaries, and assign them to specific duties. When you have built all of the available attractions, you can spend money to research new ones. The ultimate reward is to walk through your creation and try everything for yourself. With the help of SIM THEME PARK, you can find the rewards and thrills of creating an amusement park.

Sim Theme Park (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)


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Product Reviews

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pros: Fun to play.

cons: Dated graphics. Incredibly hard.

Fairground Attraction!

Theme Park was released for the Sony Playstation in late 1995, it is a playstation version of the P... See Full Review



pros: It is from the creators of Sims

cons: That Little guy that Bugs you to death with problems

Great game for passing the time

This is a good game for passing time, just for the simple fact that it takes so much time to build a... See Full Review



pros: Easy Use, Instructor, Like the Computer Game

cons: Janitors never listen, Research is slow

Sim Them Park: a Real Buy or a Real Drag?

Sim Theme Park was first available on computer, now it's a PlayStation game. I have personally pl... See Full Review



pros: Suitable for anybody, you have total control

cons: Gets boring, a little challenging, very primitive

The only simulation in this game is it's simulation of a good one.

With all the new Sim games out (The Sims, Livin Large, House Party, Sim Theme Park, Rollercoaster Ty... See Full Review



pros: Many types of rides to build and four different parks

cons: Hard to get handy men where you want them!

Fun Game

This is a good theme game that has a few quirks to be worked out. You can set your men to clean up... See Full Review



pros: It's a sim game!

cons: It's just a port of a sim game that got cut up!

Playing this game will make you reach for your vomit bag

No matter what type of games you enjoy playing, if it be racing, action, rpg, puzzle, fighting, or f... See Full Review



pros: Money & Rides

cons: Thieve's,Make sure to get Guards

Use Your Brains!!!

Theme Park is the best.I heard of Theme Park along time ago when there was sega.I liked it then.I fi... See Full Review



pros: Nice sound and graphics, publish your work over the net, take a ride in your own creations.

cons: Power hungry.

Worth the long wait...

SimTheme Park. I read a preview of this PC game from Bullfrog (Electronic Arts) in a PC g... See Full Review



pros: Easier to use

cons: You will wish you had more than one copy

Fun for all ages.

I originally bought this game for my children because it looked interesting, but after trying it... See Full Review



pros: Entertaining

cons: More financial then I thought

The Other (financial) side of Theme Parks

Sim Theme Park, was not what I had really hopped for in this game. While I knew it was going to be... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Support Elements With Memory Support
Control Elements Gamepad
Release Year 2000
Also Available In This Platforms PC Games
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Simulation
Platform Sony PlayStation 1
Other Features
Brand Electronic Arts