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featuring Kelly Inouye-Perez, UCLA Head Softball Coach; 2010 NCAA Champions; with UCLA Assistant Coaches Lisa Fernandez (3x Olympic Gold Medalist) and Gina Vecchione (ASA Hall of Fame), 2010 National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) National Coaching Staff of the Year Kelly Inouye-Perez, fresh off of UCLA's 2010 National Championship season, takes you inside the UCLA softball program as the Bruins prepare for the 2011 season. These practices will give you insight into how Inouye-Perez teaches and builds her players' fundamental skills using drills and drill progressions. DISC 1 Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lisa Fernandez and Inouye-Perez walk you through a warm up progression used at UCLA to prepare pitchers for competition physically and mentally. This progression will build fundamentals, increase speed and maximize power. The coaches finish with a pitching competition session. These competitions are designed to put the pitchers in game like situations to see which pitch they would use as well as being able to make the pitch On the field, practice begins with a warm-up that consists of dynamic stretching and a thera-band workout. From there the team moves into: DEFENSE DRILLS: Watch as the UCLA staff takes their team through Pre-Practice Fundamentals (PPF) drills that focus on defense. The PPF drills include a ground ball series and reaction drills that get players comfortable with moving their feet and getting their body in the correct position to field the ball. BASERUNNING: Inouye-Perez incorporates defense, live hitters and base runners to create a game-like atmosphere. See how she coaches players to be aggressive and to read outfielders. OUTFIELD: ASA Hall of Famer and former All-American Gina Vecchione takes her players through an outfield workout that includes throwing to bases, catching fly balls on the run, line drive work, and running through the catch on tag up situations. Vecchione also runs a number of breakdown drills including over the shoulder catches, drop steps, shoe string catches, and wall balls. DISC 2: Before practice begins, Coach Inouye-Perez gathers the team for a pre-practice meeting and allows you a look inside a typical team meeting. On the field, the practice focuses on: INFIELD: Fernandez works with the infielders concentrating on arm slot and footwork using a four corner drill and a ground ball series. CATCHERS: Inouye-Perez puts the catchers through a series of drills working on catching foul balls, passed balls, blocking drills and fielding the ball to make a tag at the plate. She is a big believer that a catcher's success is in their leg strength and she puts them through a bunt drill to work on their leg strength. TEAM DEFENSE: The team works on infielders/outfielders fly ball communication as well as a live relay & cutoff drill and finishing with working on bunt defense and bunt offense. HITTING DRILLS: The hitting segment of practice begins with Coach Fernandez discussing with you the hitting mechanics they are teaching at UCLA. Inouye-Perez then takes you through some hitting drills involving upper body and lower body movement. These drills begin with working off a tee and include front arm, back arm, two hands, and walk-though and progresses to a long tee drill, front toss with weighted balls, front toss with regular balls, and a flat hip drill. Inouye-Perez then shares an on-field combination hitting drill which works the live hitters working on opposite field hitting while another hitter is working on a front toss series. They finish with two drills used in the batting cage and involve working on the mechanics of rhythm and timing of the swing. This is your chance to look inside one of the most heralded softball programs in the nation! This DVD set provides all coaches the opportunity to see teaching methods, coaching philosophy and drills to improve a players fundamentals and create a championship mentality. 194 minutes
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