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The soleus dp1 50 03 dehumidifier is sold out or discontinued. We found 56 related products.
Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 Black/Yellow : Maximize your run with the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 Sport Watch and its high sensitivity GPS receiver and updated features. An update to the top selling Soleus GPS 1.0, the GPS Fit 1.0 features larger numbers you can read at a glance, a customizable screen, 4 light modes and a more breathable band for increased comfort. The GPS Fit 1.0 also has 4 easy to use buttons where the GPS 1.0 had 6. Accurately track distance, speed pace and calories burned with this high performance running tool. To use GPS, simply press the Start Button and the watch will automatically switch to Run Mode and begin searching for GPS. There is also an indoor mode that you can select if you will be running indoors and want to use the watch as a timer. If a GPS signal is not found, it will automatically time out after 15 minutes so your battery isn't excessively drained. For even greater convenience, Soleus is now compatible with Also new to the GPS Fit 1.0 are 4 Light Modes; 10 sec, 20 sec, off and on. When it is set to on', you can set the start time and the end time for when the light will be illuminated. Example: If you set the time between 7:00pm and 7:00am, anytime during those hours that you are running and the chronograph and GPS are running, the light stays on for easier visibility. When you press Stop, the light goes out after 10 seconds. When you press start again, the light is on. When 7:00am rolls around, the light automatically turns off. The 10 and 20 second modes tell the watch to illuminate the light for 10 or 20 seconds when the light button is pressed. Soleus GPS Comparison Chart Items Included: Soleus GPS 1.0 Sport Watch USB data upload cable USB charger Features: High sensitivity GPS receiver. Current/total run distance in miles or kilometers. Current/average speed in MPR or Km/h. Current/average pace in MPH or Km/h. Current/total calories burned. Customizable screen allow you to change the top and middle display. Large, highly visible numbers can be seen with just a quick glance. 1/100 second chronograph resolution. 100 lap memory data storage. World time with 106 cities in all time zones. USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 4 Light Modes. PU co-molded strap, perforated for lighter weight and increased breathability, is comfortable and durable. 30m / 99ft (3 ATM) water resistance.
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The Soleus Air SG-TTW-09HC-26 Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner provides versatile and efficient comfort with 9,200 BTUs of cooling power, 11,000 BTUs of heating power, and an energy-efficiency ratio (EER) of 9.8. This Soleus model includes energy-efficient features such as an Energy Saver mode, Sleep mode, and Auto Fan mode. A digital remote control lets you conveniently change modes, adjust room temperature, or change fan speeds in areas up to 375 square feet. 4 Operating Modes This model features 4 operating modes to keep your indoor environment comfortable at all times. Cool: 9,200 BTUs of power quickly and efficiently cool your space. Heat: This through-the-wall AC uses 11,000 BTUs of heating power, making it ideal for medium-sized rooms. Fan: With three speeds low, medium, and high the Fan mode circulates air to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. You can select your speed preference or use the auto fan option that automatically adjusts the fan speed according to your current room temperature. Energy Saver: Energy Saver mode maintains a reasonable room temperature while you're at work or out of town because it automatically stops the fan and compressor when your optimal temperature is reached, which also lowers your energy consumption. Energy-Efficient Features The Soleus Air SG-TTW-09HC-26 Thru-Wall AC offers an Auto feature that automatically selects heating, cooling, or fan-only operation to provide optimal room comfort. Its Sleep mode reduces energy consumption by slightly increasing the temperature in Cool mode (or decreasing it in Heat mode) while you sleep before returning to the set temperature after 6 hours. Oscillating louvers circulate air throughout the entire room, and an adjustable grille lets you direct air to a specific location. A digital remote lets you control the mode, fan speed, and other features conveniently from anywhere in the room. Secure Installation This Soleus air conditioner is designed for through-wall installation, which provides powerful cooling in rooms without an available window. *Note: If you do not have an existing through-the-wall sleeve installed, the Soleus SG TTWSL 26 sleeve must be purchased to install this Soleus AC. Additional Features Washable Air Filter: The reusable air filter saves you money and ensures efficiency. Clean the air filter once a month to remove collected dust particles. Eco-Friendly: The R-410A refrigerant does not contribute to ozone depletion. Moisture Control: The Soleus Air 9,000 BTU AC provides cool, dry air by removing up to 60 pints of excess moisture per day while in cooling mode. Auto Restart: In the event of a power failure, the Soleus SG-TTW-09HC-26 Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner and Heater will automatically restart and resume operation in the last programmed settings once power is restored. 24-Hour Timer: Using this feature, you can program the thru-wall air conditioner to start up or power down in 30-minute intervals for up to 24 hours. Summary The Soleus Air SG-TTW-09HC-26 is a versatile thru-wall air conditioner that also heats and dehumidifies spaces as large as 375 square feet.
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